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    Supply Chain Management

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    Supply Chain Manufacturers

    Manufacturers have to establish parameters for what is to be produced and in what quantity how does utilizing a supply contract aid both parties in terms of their roles/responsibilities involving the supply chain?

    Supply Chain Management..

    How could a road map enhance the ability of the organization to achieve its ethical and regulatory compliance goals?

    Strategic Supply Chain Management for US Dept of Defense

    See attached case file. Review "The U.S. Department of Defense Profile: Making the Tail Smaller and the Tooth Stronger" on pages 169-184 (Refer to this link http://lvk.cs.msu.su/~antiw/McGraw-Hill.Strategic.Supply.Chain.Management.The.Five.Disciplines.For.Top.Performance.ISBN0071432175.pdf). Respond to the following question

    Supply Chain: Competitive Intelligence and Flexibility Problems

    1. An undisputable source of gathering competitive intelligence is competitors' customers. What makes them choose a competitor's product is a central question in gaining competitive intelligence. I have over the years noticed that some firms actually prevent their customers from talking with/to potential competitors. They do thi

    Strategic Supply Chain Management: Owens Corning Profile

    ? Review "Owens Corning Profile: Reorganizing for 'a Bright Future'" on pages 131-138 (Refer to this link http://lvk.cs.msu.su/~antiw/McGraw-Hill.Strategic.Supply.Chain.Management.The.Five.Disciplines.For.Top.Performance.ISBN0071432175.pdf) 1. Describe how RACI analysis acted as a dynamic for change at Owens Corning. 2.

    Core Discipline 2

    If you were in top management of a company, what would you do to implement Core Discipline 2?

    The Challenges of Managing a Supply Chain

    Compare the most significant challenges of managing the supply chain for a manufacturing company to that of a service company, and determine which is the most challenging to manage effectively. Provide specific examples to support the response.

    Cohen and Roussel's second core discipline

    Cohen and Roussel's second core discipline - Develop an End-to-End Process Architecture. (Refer to this link: http://lvk.cs.msu.su/~antiw/McGraw-Hill.Strategic.Supply.Chain.Management.The.Five.Disciplines.For.Top.Performance.ISBN0071432175.pdf) For this discussion, explore your organization's relationship to the second core

    Strategic Supply Chain Management

    At your current company who do you source your raw materials from? What are some of the challenges you experience in manufacturing? Is there a possibility of creating "vanilla" products that are made to stock and then customized based on customer demand?

    Strategic Supply Chain Management

    "Your (Our) decisions around these components and how they play together define your supply chain strategy", Cohen, S., & Roussel, J. (2005). And our Supply Chain Strategy must be in sync with our Business Strategy which in general must be driven to increase market share, sales and profit. Market data and analysis is critical fo

    Supply Chain Responsibilities

    1. Where do you think responsibilities lies when disasters are created by outsourcing? Not to say all outsourcing creates disasters, but we are all familiar with issues in quality and regulatory differences. One current problem is with orange juice from countries outside the US. What can organizations to do mitigate such prob

    Problems Autoliv faced in supply chain prior to transformation

    ? Review "Autoliv profile: Applying Rocket Science to the Supply Chain" on pages 39-48. (Refer to this link http://lvk.cs.msu.su/~antiw/McGraw-Hill.Strategic.Supply.Chain.Management.The.Five.Disciplines.For.Top.Performance.ISBN0071432175.pdf) ? Describe the problems Autoliv faced in the supply chain prior to their transforma

    Supply Chain

    1. What is process capability? Provide an example of how it can be used in a global organization. What special considerations should be given to a global organization compared with a more local business? 2. What is the learning curve and how can it be applied in a global business environment? Would the application of the lear

    Short International Supply Chain Questions

    1. Do you find the employee turnover to be any different than in the US? If so, what do you think is the reason? Could more thorough cross-cultural and on-site knowledge of the working culture set different expectations by US management? How would you relate this to our objectives of factors that affect global process develop

    Analytical Methods of Supply Chain Management

    In a waiting line situation, arrivals occur at a rate of 2 per minute, and the service times average 18 seconds per customer. Assume the Poisson and exponential distributions. Carry all answers to at least 3 decimals. a. What is lambda? b. What is mu? c. What is the probability of no units in the system? d. What is t

    Analytical Methods of Supply Chain Management

    Statistics/Probability A project network is shown below. Use a forward and a backward pass to determine the critical path, and then fill out the table below. Activity times are in weeks.

    Analytical Methods of Supply Chain Management

    Lakewood Fashions must decide how many lots of assorted ski wear to order for its three stores. Information on pricing, sales, and inventory costs has led to the following payoff/net profit table (stated in thousands of dollars). Order Size Demand Low Medium High 1 lot 12 15

    Stone Horse Supply: Example Problem

    In early 1975, brothers John and Michael Phillips founded the Stone Horse Supply Company. John and Michael, both horse riders and horse owners, had developed a horse feed to keep their own horses healthier and happier and found it in demand from other locals and neighbors. In response to that growing local demand, John and Micha