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supply chain management

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Cohen and Roussel envision collaboration as an increasingly important part of supply chain management, and they provide guidelines to help organizations become skilled in this essential area. For this discussion, review Figure 4-6 on page 167. (Refer to this link: http://lvk.cs.msu.su/~antiw/McGraw-Hill.Strategic.Supply.Chain.Management.The.Five.Disciplines.For.Top.Performance.ISBN0071432175.pdf). Evaluate your current organization's collaboration model using the collaboration guideline (Figure 4-6) and the content in Chapter 4. Respond to the following questions:

1. Which of the guideline elements does your organization already perform well?
2. Which elements could your organization easily integrate into their current collaborative relationships? How?
3. Which elements would be nearly impossible to integrate into their current collaborative relationships? Why?

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1. Which of the guideline elements does your organization already perform well?

The guideline element that my organization already performs well is "Focus on a single, unambiguous vision for your collaboration strategy, including clear goals and a purpose" the single unambiguous vision for collaborative strategy that my organization pursues is its relationships with regional distributors. These regional distributors ensure that a number of retail shops in the area carry the toys of my company. The clear vision for my company is to keep the regional distributors happy so that a sufficient number of toys reach the stores. I do not feel that my company understands its current or future desired core competencies nor does it try to leverage its competencies using collaboration strategy. My company does not speak of a vision, nor does it attempt to forge a collaboration that would alert it early to changes in market trends.

2. Which elements could your organization easily integrate ...

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