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    Supply Chain Management

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    Operations and Supply Management

    Assume that you are offered a new piece of equipment for $10000. The equipment will produce 10,000 units per year with a margin of $6.00 per unit. Demand for the product being produced has been 2000 units per year. Your current equipment is fully depreciated and can produce the 2000 units per year but at a margin of only $4.00 p

    Packaging and Efficiency in Supply Chains

    How do we improve packaging to improve efficiency in supply chain logistics ? Use this as a reference: Bowersox, Closs, Cooper Supply Chain Logistics Management, 3rd edition McGraw Hill 978-0-07-337787-2

    Supply Chain Models

    Carrefour is one of France's largest retail companies. They operate as mini-markets, automotive centers, supermarkets, and warehouse stores. Carrefour's value chain is determined by the host country's purchasing. That is, the company customizes its supply chain operations according to the countries in which it operates. It appea

    Logistics in the Business Organization

    Required Readings: Dutton, Gail (2009 Sep.) Selling the supply chain upwards, World Trade, Troy: Vol. 22, Iss. 9, pg. 34, 3 pgs. Then, in an essay, please answer the following questions: 1. Why have supply chain management issues often been ignored by senior management? 2. Describe the strategy you would employ

    Managing Supply Chain

    Examine how Home Depot uses location in its supply chain then answer the following question: How does Home Depot maximize supply chain efficiency through the use of location? response is 579 words

    Six Components of a Global Supply Chain

    Choose an organization delivering goods and/or services globally. Provide a background of the organization and fully describe six components of the organization's supply chain. Examine the potential problems related to each of the components described and explain the approaches of the organization for solving the problems. Or


    Supply Chains in Transition It has become evident today that maintaining large inventories can be costly and inefficient resulting in supply chains that are vulnerable, wasteful, costly, and lack responsiveness. Compounding this issue are traditional hierarchical, linear systems that fail to recognize and adapt to the dyna


    1. Modern Book Distribution, Inc. Case Study Evaluation. Richard Guy, CEO of Modern Book Distribution, Inc. (MBD) scanned the "Executive Summary" of the consulting report he had just received. Guy saw the report was filled with the latest buzzwords and hot concepts: Establish cross docking facilities for high-volume deliveries

    Set up a supply chain strategy presentation for MCC

    Setting a presentation. After the initial report, the owners of MCC, Alex and Joe, have contacted you regarding some information in which they did not understand. They explain to you over the phone that they do not understand the need to modernize the company's flow regarding its suppliers as part of a new supply chain strate

    Supply-and-demand analysis relative to retail sales tax

    A state has a retail sales tax of 10 percent but it exempts food, prescription drugs, and all services including housing services, repair services, and consumption of electricity and other public utility services. Use supply-and-demand analysis to explain how the prices of untaxed consumption items can be affected by the retail

    Operation and supply chain question

    This is the problem. Need help developing equations and understanding what goes in the blanks. Thank You 1. A manufacturer has identified the options for acquiring a machined part. It can make the part on a numerically controlled lathe for $150 per unit (including materials.) It can make the part on a standard lathe for $250

    RFID Implementation

    Explain how RFID implementation can change the warehousing and retail of food products.

    use of information technology

    Explain how the use of information technology can make things worse if it is applied to a poorly thought out process. Explain what steps can be taken to ensure that this does not happen. four paragraphs

    Strategic supply chain management

    Explain how simulation help solve difficult logistics network problems. why should a company review the logistics network periodically? how do the requirements of the network design change over time? 200 words

    Strategic supply chain management for breakfast cereal

    Consider the supply for breakfast cereal. There are farmers, who grow and make the raw materials. There is a manufacture that has an operations division for manufacturing the cereal, a marketing division and a logistics division. there is a distribution arm of the grocery chain that works with the distribution from a DC. There i

    Supply Chain: Selecting vendors

    Scenario: The time frame for receiving proposals passed yesterday. You received 10 proposals; 2 sellers (vendors) have not yet responded, but they sent you e-mails yesterday morning telling you that they would have something ready for you within the next week. One of those sellers happens to be the firm that is preferred by P

    Question about Data Collection

    SYSTEMS OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Employee Data Collection Training Employee Data Collection Training: Your boss has asked you to help new employees understand uses of data in systems-operation management and the various statistical process controls they will experience on a daily basis. Please describe the following te

    Performance indicators to evaluate performance of supply chain

    Key Supply Chain Performance Indicator Paper ? Select three key supply chain performance indicators from the following list: o Customer service levels o Queue line o Fill rates o Total network inventory o Scrap rate o On-time delivery o Cost/order placed o Orders picked/hour o