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    Supply Chain Management

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    Structured Explanation of Request For Proposals

    I know what a Request for Proposal is and the key elements in an RFP. I am having trouble understanding and finding scholarly references for the following: In what situations would you use an RFP? What are some situations where an RFP would not be appropriate?

    Input & Outputs of a Tailgate Party

    You are hosting a tailgate party for forty people prior to the next home game for your university football team. The menu includes burgers with all of the fixings, brats, and ribs. You are responsible for procuring all the ingredients and the transportation of the ingredients and equipment to the stadium for the party. Outlin

    Compare and contrast TQM, Six Sigma, and ISO9000

    Compare and contrast the characteristics of Total Quality Management (TQM), Six Sigma, and ISO9000. What are the differences? What are the commonalties? Compare and contrast the characteristics of Total Quality Management (TQM), Six Sigma, and ISO9000. What are the differences? What are the commonalties?

    Distribution Supply Chain

    Research an actual business on the internet, briefly summarize the distribution portion of their supply chain. State if you think this is an efficient process (mention why or why not). Be sure to include the link to the web site.

    Batch Versus Real-Time Processing

    Batch processing occurs when similar transactions are accumulated over time and processed together. Real time processing captures each event or transaction and processes it before engaging in another transaction. If transactions are independent of one another, such as the processing of daily cash receipts, then batch processing

    Supply Chain Management Information Technology

    Part 1 Analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for the case study organization that are related to its present information systems environment. Part 2 Using Wiseman's framework of strategy development, define the strategic thrusts (and related advantages) that the case study organization should use to bu

    Examining Supply Chain Profitability

    In this web research assignment, you will research a company that uses supply chain management (SCM) and look at how their organizational profitability is affected by it. Include the following: * A description of the company researched. * An explanation of how they use supply chain management * A brief explanation of how

    Purchasing and Supply Management - Essay Question

    Essay Question 4: You are the newly hired inventory control manager for a large manufacturing company. After many years working with Toyota, you are excited to help your new company increase profitability through techniques you learned about lean operations. However, the Director of Operations is a bit skeptical that the ch

    The Iron Triangle Manifested: U.S. Air Force Tanker Lease

    Provide an in-depth perspective on "The Iron Triangle Manifested: U.S. Air Force Tanker Lease 2001-2005 Case Study" by Shahnaz M. Punjani of the Nation Defense University. The case study itself investigated one of the most infamous procurement scandals of the post-Cold War era concerning the proposed lease of the KC-767 tanker a

    Home Depot Supply Chain Management

    Research the Home Depot with information you can find on the internet or the resources you find on your own. The paper should be 3-4 pages in length and have a cover sheet and a reference page. Clarity of presentation is important, as well as your ability to apply the topics to the logistics area of your selected firm. Use at le

    Supply Chain Strategy Management

    Consider an organization that you know of with a well-known supply chain and overall strategy. You will describe how the supply chain strategy supports the overall strategy of the firm and helps them achieve their overall objectives. In a 1-2 page paper discuss the strategy, and then discuss how it helps the company achieve its

    Productivity and Process Design

    For a Starbuck's process (chose the one you are more familiar with), list inputs (Xs) and performance measures. Indicate which inputs you view as being key, and identify those that can be controlled and those that cannot be controlled, or are not controlled, during routine operation, which are noise and which performance measure

    Q & CI - Legal Situation

    Think of a company you worked for or an organization you belonged to. 1. Describe a situation in which you (or a manager you worked for) had to make an ethical or legal decision based on some aspect of the supply chain. If you are not aware of any situation where you (or a manager you worked with) had to make a legal or ethical

    Operations Versus Supply Chain Management

    Got the slides part almost done, just need some help with the rest; your boss has come to you and told you that the board members of your company have always been curious as to what exactly an operations manager is, and they don't understand how it is a different job from a supply chain manager. You have been asked to develo

    Starbucks Inventory Management

    What is their primary business and its inventory management procedures (specific details) Does this company use VMI? Could it use VMI? What does it use to ensure it has the right inventory at the right time and control the costs?

    Supply Chain Review, Charcoal Grills

    Requesting Assistance with Five Part Supply Chain Management Theory Assignment Please reference the attachments for specifics for requesting assistance on Supply Chain Management Paper. Your assistance is appreciated and will be used as a tool not to be submitted as my own work.

    Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

    C. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of sourcing from suppliers located overseas. Which do you think make for a more compelling argument-- the advantages or the disadvantages? Why?

    McDonalds Warehouse services

    Does McDonald's warehouse/store its resources and products efficiently? How are their services are retained and the challenges of not being able to "warehouse" services? How does McDonald's use IT to be more effective and efficient in its logistical operations? Give specific examples. (5 pages)

    McDonald's supply integration and systems

    What is the structure of McDonald's and its supply chain integration? How does McDonald's distribute its product? If your McDonald's is a service provider, explain how the services are allocated and passed on to its customers. How can a firm "inventory" services? 4-5 pages please.

    Process Design and Supply Chains

    Process design and supply chains. Describe the current state of H.J. Heinz Company's supply chain and an identified process. Required Elements: • Describe the company's supply chain • Identify a process internal to the company that you wish to analyze. • Describe the process internal to the company that you wish

    Concentrated clusters enhance the management of supply chains

    How can concentrated clusters enhance the management of supply chains and improve overall firm performance? How might this management concept vary between international firms and domestic firms? What are the negatives of the concentrated cluster theory? (in 3 to 4 pages with cited references)

    Supply Chain Management and the Bullwhip Effect

    Your boss was recently reading about supply chain management. During her reading, she came across the term bullwhip effect. She also asked you to put together a presentation about the bullwhip effect so that she could explain it to senior management. Include the following in your presentation: How does the bullwhip effect h

    Logistics and supply chain integration

    I have to pick an organization to examine logistics functions and I would like to use FedEx. I will need topics so I can discuss the structure of FedEx and its supply chain integration. Topics that I need include: - The logistics functions of this organization - A description of its supply chain integration efforts Th

    Supply Chain: Potato Chips

    1. Choose a consumer product for potato chips 2. Choose a company that produces this product in the USA (materials may come from abroad). You will research this product, company and the industry and the related Supply Chain. You can go to several websites to find out how the product is made and what the corresponding mater