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    Purchasing and Supply Management - Essay Question

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    Essay Question 4:

    You are the newly hired inventory control manager for a large manufacturing company. After many years working with Toyota, you are excited to help your new company increase profitability through techniques you learned about lean operations. However, the Director of Operations is a bit skeptical that the changes you want to bring will end up costing more and taking more time. Explain what the 5S model of lean operations is and how you could use it to decrease costs and increase efficiency in the inventory processes of the company.

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    The 5S model of lean operations is a method of creating a clean and orderly workplace that exposes waste and makes abnormalities easily detectable. It creates a safer workplace while eliminating waste, having a high impact and a low cost. It also builds on the relationship of everyone in the organization by getting every employee involved. This model contains 5 steps that should be followed in order: sort, straighten, sweep, ...

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