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Purchasing and Supply Management Scenario Response

Essay Question 3:

You have been selected by your program office to work with the user of a new Procurement/Acquisition. You have completed and Analysis of Alternatives to meet the need and have determined that you must make a material buy. Working with your user you begin to define the Key Performance Parameters (KPPs). List your Key Performance Parameters and clearly define them, to include your justification for choosing each specific KPP. This is where you can be creative...you chose your product. Explain it and detail your KPPs.

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The user is looking for a new scanner that is low cost but also highly efficient and highly rated. The Key Performance Parameters (KPPs), essentially the features that this scanner has to have no matter what, include low cost, multiple functions, and high performance qualities. To better define the cost, the user wants a scanner that is under $600. Because of limited funding, this is a threshold and not an objective. As for multiple functions, the user requires a scanner that also has the capability to copy, fax, and print. While having all of ...

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This is a purchasing and supply management scenario requiring an essay response. Question 3 of 5.