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Supply Chain Strategy Management

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Consider an organization that you know of with a well-known supply chain and overall strategy. You will describe how the supply chain strategy supports the overall strategy of the firm and helps them achieve their overall objectives. In a 1-2 page paper discuss the strategy, and then discuss how it helps the company achieve its objectives. If there is something in the strategy that is not working well, provide ideas for what could be done to improve upon the strategy. APA style and resources

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The supply chain strategy I will discuss is the company where I work. My company makes plastic molded toys. The main raw material is plastic pellets and master-batch. The purposes of master batch are to give color to the plastic and to impart it special properties. The supply chain strategy of my company is that it does not place orders for large purchases but instead purchases from five dealers of plastic pellets and master batches. In addition, it imports a special additive from one seller in Germany. The strategy enables my company to buy at very short ...

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The response provides you a structured explanation of supply chain management and its support to overall strategy of the firm. It also gives you the relevant references.

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Looking for your professional response.


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