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Distribution Supply Chain

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Research an actual business on the internet, briefly summarize the distribution portion of their supply chain. State if you think this is an efficient process (mention why or why not). Be sure to include the link to the web site.

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This solution discusses the distribution portion of the supply chain.

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Supply Chain and Distribution Management

Can you please help me with these questions? I am having time with this distribution. Each response must be one decent paragraph. Name of the textbook enclosed. Thanks in advance for your help.

1. Discuss the relationship between service level, uncertainty, safety stock and order quantity. How can trade-offs between these elements be made? Please provide a detail response.

2. Please develop a "transportation costs" scenario for a product or product line that you have shipped into your business including: distance, volume, density, stowability, handling, liability and market factors. Align the job activities of a traffic administrator and how these activities are designed to manage the transportation costs.

3. Warehousing exists to contribute to manufacturing and distribution efficiency. This week's reading provides a foundation for understanding how value warehousing contributes in the logistics process. Discuss the business and managerial contributions listed in the previous two statements. Please build your discussion of these contributions to include all types of warehouses including distribution centers, consolidation terminals, break-bulk facilities, and cross-docks.

4. Under what conditions could it make sense to combine private and public warehouses in a logistical system?

5 Discuss the various challenges and considerations for global sourcing from this week's reading based on your experience and any other research you find (articles, etc.) online or elsewhere. (Sourcing in this case refers to materials and manufacturing.)

6. The primary drivers of logistics network design are requirements resulting from integrated procurement, manufacturing, and customer accommodation strategies. Issues involved are: total cost and service trade-offs; warehouse facilities; cost reduction; service improvement; transportation economics and spatial aspects, inventory economics. As a Chief Logistics Officer, create a design for a logistics network involving and including each of the above issues.

7. Logistics management is transforming from functional to process structure orientation. Explain in detail how, as CSO, you would continue the commitment to functional excellence that contributes to performance using the eight supply chain processes and the supply chain framework as guides in your response. Use an outside article from a Supply Chain Periodical to assist you in your explanation, and include a citation in APA format.

8. Your text discusses the supply chain context, competencies, and supportive capabilities in table 15.1. Imagine you are the CSO and must fuse together the organization based upon the context, competencies and supportive capabilities. Describe, in detail, how risk, power and leadership will be managed within this environment. Use an outside article from a Supply Chain Periodical to help you with your discussion, and include a citation in APA format.

Bowersox, D.(2013). Supply Chain Logistics Management. (4th ed). Richard D. Irwin, Inc

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