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Common Symptoms of Supply Chain Problems

Explain what are some of the common symptoms of supply chain problems. Select two of the symptoms and identify possible causes of those symptoms and what countermeasures might be appropriate.

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Supply Chain refers to an organized and well coordinated flow of materials, information and services from raw material suppliers to factories to warehouses and in the last to end-customers. Though only a few organizations are able to achieve an effective supply chain. This paper will explain the symptoms of supply chain problems, their causes and solutions.

Most of the companies perceive the conked supply chain management as the biggest limitation of global sourcing. The complex logistic activities usually hamper the smooth running of a system and thus, create a disturbance in production, sales and marketing activities. The common symptoms of supply chain management problems include high inventory costs, poor customer service that leads to loss of business, loss of revenues, and delay in the delivery of products on time, and others (Deiderichs & Leopoldseder, 2008).

The following section will discuss the symptoms of supply chain problems and the way they affect the overall working of an organization. It will also explain the causes that lead to supply chain problems.

These symptoms are related to many supply ...

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