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    Systemic framework development for analyzing behaviors of complex supply chain networks

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    Two days before you are scheduled to complete your work on this project, the plant manager at the S facility catches you walking from your rental car. He has noticed that you are a believer in the philosophy of "Don't Treat Symptoms, Solve the Problem". He asks you to attend a virtual meeting to discuss an action plan and brainstorm specific items to implement the recommendations that you have sent to the vice president.

    This meeting will be held on the discussion board and you are expected to bring recommendations that address the underlying issues of the various problems. Develop a systematic framework for analyzing the behavior of complex supply chain networks and supply chain drivers. Use effective communication techniques.

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    The company

    Candbide's vision is to be a leader in all the products it manufacturers. Further, its goal is to provide total customer satisfaction to its consumers by introducing innovative products. It aims to satisfy all the stakeholders of the company by continuously incorporating their inputs in its operations, products and processes. In order to achieve all these goals and its strategic vision to excel in its industry, It not only needs to produce quality and innovative products aimed at total customer satisfaction, but also needs to produce and offer it at a price which is affordable and competitive. It also needs to have proper inventory management and total quality management implemented in the organization.

    Canbide is suffering from various problems. Specifically:

    1. Customer Service problems at the Denver facility:

    Customers desiring to pickup multiple products has now drive from point to point within the plant to pick up each product. There are often waiting lines at each loading point. A second problem is the arrival pattern of trucks to pick up products that materially contributes to gridlock within the facility.


    Denver facility must focus at delighting the customers. One of the most important elements in creating a successful business is having happy, satisfied customers that keep coming back and it also leads to word of mouth advertising. Customers formulate a belief about a company's product/ service based on their experience and available information and knowledge. These beliefs lead to the formulation of an overall attitude about the company (stronger over time). Actions then begin to reflect this attitude. Understanding your customer is one of the most important thing. With all of the advances, shifts, and developments of the business world, one common goal throughout all of the changes remains the same: provide excellent service to your customers. The customer, after all, is the primary reason a business ...

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    The following is a detailed solution providing insight into how to develop a systemic framework for the analysis of behviors of complex supply chain networks. The expert provides recommendations for customer service, providing good service, customer sub-groups, and production facilities. Further resources, as well as expert's own academic papers, are provided.