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    The Future of Organization Development

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    Using article attached, critique its strengths and weaknesses.

    - A brief overview of the author's viewpoints.

    - Your analysis of the author's viewpoint.

    - Your perspective on the viewpoint presented in the article, as to whether you agree or disagree with the viewpoint.

    The impact that the chosen article had on your thinking.

    Support all opinions with citations from the text and other research, personal experiences, and/or observations in the workplace. Determine whether the ideas discussed in the article are applicable to the workplace. Support your answer with examples and appropriate rationale.

    APA 6th Ed.

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    Article Critique: The Future of Organizational Development (OD)

    Overview of the Authors Viewpoints:

    In this article, Korten, Caluwe and Geurts conduct a Delphi study among Dutch Experts in order to understand and create a desired image of the future of organizational development (OD). From their study the authors conclude that the future of OD will most likely be a community of practice that is loosely integrated with "very diverse ideas, practices, professionals and scholars" linked together where members cherish and share their identities as key players in organizational development. These members all follow very broad common professional goals aimed at contributing and improving the complex networks of organizations. In this manner, the "OD is a complex system which is aimed at organizing other complex systems: organizations. The future OD will reflect complexity and diversity of organizations since these are strengths to developing resilience and innovation (Korten, Caluwe, & Geurts, 2010, p. 404).

    Analysis of the Author's Viewpoint:

    Analyzing this viewpoint on the future of OD that has been presented some visible strength can be noted in it and so can a number of weaknesses also be noted. Basically the authors view the future of OD as in which though members are well interlinked with each other, they are loosely integrated with the members rather than following specific goals are pursuing broad common professions which all aim at improving the complex networks of organizations and within organizations. The strengths of future OD are viewed to be both ...

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    The future of organization development is examined for a Delphi Study among Dutch Experts.