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The Importance of the Internal Supply Chain

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1. Describe the supply chain for their current employer. This description will have to start with a description of your internal supply chain i.e. your operations and then expand to your external chain.

2. Since SCM relies on the sharing of data, much of which might be deemed proprietary, how can we have effective SCM if we withhold information? Is it realistic to expect all the members of a given chain to be forthcoming with the needed data?

3. Up to this point we've been discussing the management of a supply chain from the perspective of being in charge. Let's discuss the reality of any chain. Who manages it? How should/would the focal point be determined? How can the members of the chain be convinced to allow the chain to be managed by one organization? Who's willing to give up autonomy in the name of the greater good?

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The internal supply chain for my current employer is interesting, due to the fact that my present employer is involved in the automobile engine development and assembly business. From an internal point of view, the supply chain begins with the parts that are located within the storage facility, or the present inventory of engine parts that are stored within the organization's storage facility. The next important feature of the internal supply chain, is the assembly line where the parts for the engine are assembled in a manner that develops a usable engine for a specific kind of automobile. The next feature of the internal supply chain is the inventory of assembled automobile engines, which enters the next phase of the internal supply chain, which is the packaging of these engines, which leads to the last stage of this supply chain, which is the storage or inventory of fully assembled engines that are ready for shipment. The external supply ...

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Describe several processes in the case study that will benefit from improvement. A candidate process worksheet and a case study is attached. The candidate process worksheet needs to be filled out. When contemplating processes in the case study, consider these criteria:

- Identify processes that already exist, not those being created or revised.
- Identify processes that one can personally evaluate and impact within the relatively short duration of time, say about 6 weeks.
- Describe each process in terms of the following: (This is for the candidate process worksheet)
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2. Scope, the breadth of its reach.
3. Parties involved, including internal and external suppliers, and customers
4. Priority, the timeliness or urgency.
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Using the article:
Fast global, and entrepreneurial: supply chain management, Hong Kong style.
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