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    Operations management - processes and supply chain

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    Describe several processes in the case study that will benefit from improvement. A candidate process worksheet and a case study is attached. The candidate process worksheet needs to be filled out. When contemplating processes in the case study, consider these criteria:

    - Identify processes that already exist, not those being created or revised.
    - Identify processes that one can personally evaluate and impact within the relatively short duration of time, say about 6 weeks.
    - Describe each process in terms of the following: (This is for the candidate process worksheet)
    1. Importance to the organization.
    2. Scope, the breadth of its reach.
    3. Parties involved, including internal and external suppliers, and customers
    4. Priority, the timeliness or urgency.
    5. Overall impact or benefits of improvement to the organization.
    6. Costs to the organization if the process is not improved.

    Using the article:
    Fast global, and entrepreneurial: supply chain management, Hong Kong style.
    by Joan Magretta

    Help with with the Candidate Process (Identification) Worksheet.

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    suCandidate Process (Identification) Worksheet

    Provide a brief synopsis of your company:

    Processes and Descriptions Importance Scope Parties Involved Priority Overall Impact Costs If Not Improved

    Supplier management: There is no process to check if multiple divisions of the company tries to schedule work with the same factory

    To save on time it is important to know which supplier is fulfilling which order To create a database that keeps track of all supplier relationship. This could also be used to view past history of suppliers. Suppliers, Internal stakeholders Medium Li& Fung can use the database to optimize the number of suppliers based on performance and customer feedback To build long term relationship with suppliers, Li& Fung needs to be selective in selection of suppliers. If there are multiple non-fruitful relationships, it might provide no gain for either party.
    Li& Fung gets most of its business from different types of retailers, primarily American and European.

    The company does supply chain management for its ...

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    The processes and supply chain for operations management is examined. Priority for the timeliness or urgency is examined.