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    Business Logistics/Supply Chain Management

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    For the following situations, indicate whether an area or modified-area layout of a warehouse would likely be used and why.

    a. A food distribution center
    b. A furniture warehouse
    c. Storage of major appliances
    d. Storage of a steel company's products
    e. A drug and sundries distribution center

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    A warehouse refers to a space or building that is used by manufacturers, exporters, distributors, wholesalers, retailers etc. for storage of raw material as well as finished goods. It is a key part of supply chain as well as an important strategic element of logistic system (Stravinsky, 2001). In this, space layout plays a key role to ensure effective warehousing or storage, because location of stock in warehouse directly affects total material handling of the firm. In this way, holding, consolidation, break-bulk and mixing is the main functions of an effective storage system or warehouse. There are different types of layouts system for warehouse and which types of layout is used for a warehouse, it depends on types of business (Ballou, 2007). The reasons of, why the space layout of warehouse would likely be used in the following situations ...

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