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Analysis of web design

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Analyze the following web sites as they relate to supply chain management:

1. bestbuy.com
2. wal-mart.com
3. target.com

Include at least three of the following items in your analysis for each site, plus three additional items relevant to the retail industry:

o How user friendly is it?
o Download speed
o Navigability
o Content quality
o Aesthetics

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Bestbuy.com is a site that offers mostly electronics and related products. In considering the
Offerings of this retailer, compared to the other sites that offer more than just electronics, the site
is very much in keeping with the theme of an electronics store. The home page loads quickly and
presents the user with electronic product offerings right away, with its current deals. This is what
someone purposely navigating to an electronics store would expect to see. The home page loaded
quickly enough to keep the user from navigating away from the site. When the home page comes
into view, the eye catching color theme of blue and yellow maintains attention, yet does not distract
the user from the product offerings.

The navigation bars are relatively close to the top of the home page and are of at least adequate
size to select quickly. Customers looking for specific product can find the products tab without looking
too hard. The site is relatively uncluttered, which gives it a very professional feel and makes searching
for products less time consuming. Each table consists of a pull down menu for subheadings. The
products tab is divided sensibly into categories based on the type of product the user is searching for.
Again, the subsequent pages load quickly enough that the user is not likely to turn away and go
elsewhere. Navigation within the pages of this site ...

Solution Summary

This analysis compares the features of web design for eCommerce, in terms of how user friendly, aesthetically pleasing and how professional the pages are laid out. Navigation bars, use of color, spacing and other visual features are considered, as well as shopping cart and other features of the product selection and payment processes.