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    Dependent & Independent Variables, Hypothesis

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    NClinics, Inc. is a specialty e-tailer that sales clothing and accessories for nurses and operates 87 catalog Web sites on the Internet. Kevin Conn, Sales Director, feels that the style (color scheme, graphics, fonts, etc.) of a Web site may affect its sales. He chooses three levels of design style (neon, old world and sophisticated) and randomly assigns six catalog Web sites to each design style. Analysis of Kevin's data yielded the following ANOVA table.

    Source of Variation SS df MS F p-value
    Between Groups 68102.33 2 34051.17 17.50543 0.02
    Within Groups 29177.67 15 1945.178
    Total 97280 17

    a. Is this an experimental or observational design and why?
    b. What are the dependent and independent variables in this study?
    c. What is the null and alternative hypothesis?
    d. At alpha=0.05, can you reject the null hypothesis?
    c. What can you conclude based on the analysis?

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