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Stress and Emotions

Organizational Change and Stress Management

In what ways change agents can contribute to change resistance? Present all of the ways that are presented in the article and use your own examples to demonstrate how they do that. How can organizations use resistance to change as a change agent? I other words, explain how resistance can be utilized as a positive resource.

Emotional Intelligence: Related Theories

We have focused on many different topics. Select a topic from this course. How does EI contribute and enhance your understanding of one or two related theories?

Motivational Theories For Coca Cola

For: Coca-Cola Select a motivational theory related to needs, traits, or values, that you believe is most relevant, given today's economic climate and global marketplace. Discuss: ? Define the theory. ? Discuss the key research findings related to the theory in the organization's framework. ? Select an employee a

Understand time, stress, and personal financial management

The job interview went well. During the interview, you learned that this job puts an emphasis on time management. Your interviewer has contacted you via e-mail and has asked you to e-mail her back. In a professional e-mail, respond to the following: â?¢How do you manage your time? â?¢When faced with a deadline, what

How is emotion contributing to this conflict

Read the below meeting and explain..."How is emotion contributing to this conflict?" * Jane: As you know, today's agenda deals with our program planning for the next year. Obviously, if we are to undertake the career development project, we will have to evaluate workloads on all our projects. I would also like expres

Education: Create a class lesson for a Healthcare and Medical audience

INSTRUCTION: Create a class lesson for a Healthcare and Medical audience. The following items must be covered in the lesson. Use as resource the following book "Exploring Psychology 6th ed. Author (David G. Myers)" You can find information in the book sections listed below Chapter 2 Pages 401- 413 Page 384

Modify Your Directness and Openness in interpersonal situations

See attached file. Assess the results: A brief analysis of your individual dimensions of behavior, as outlined in the profile A summary of your individual predominate behavioral style A list of any strengths and weaknesses identified A brief analysis of why you individually agree or disagree with the assessment

Critial Thinking

Write an 800 word critical essay on "We're Spendthrift Environmentalists" Include the following four elements: Introduction: Identify the title, author, and context of the essay you are critically evaluating. Summarize very briefly the writer's basic position and state in general terms your overall evaluation of the argument.

Grant Proposal Critique

Attached are all documents necessary to assist in completing the critique along with a blank critique sheet. Please USE THE SHEET and follow all directions carefully. -You should place an "X" next to every statement on the critique that you believe to be true. -Leave blank the statements you believe are NOT true. -Direc

Research Strategy on Stress

I need some help getting this started. Research Strategy Paper Develop a research strategy to find a solution for your selected problem (stress). Your paper should include the following items: - Briefly describe your selected problem. - Identify what kinds of information should be gathered to help you in solving th

Fear or Stress about Big Changes in a Hospital Setting

In regards to a hospital setting, what would be an example of being scared to death and stressed about a big change? What happened in hindsight? Was it really that bad and did you become more confident because new skills where acquired?

Compose a 2-3 page theoretical framework for the hypothesis

Compose a 2-3 page theoretical framework for the hypothesis "There is no relationship between job stress and job performance". Use sources available on the web to support your arguments. Please site references. Please use the attached paper along with other web resources. Please reference sources.

Business Analysis Study Guide HELP

I need help answering these questions: 1. What forces act as stimulants to change, and what is the difference between planned and unplanned change? 2. What forces act as sources of resistance to change? 3. How can managers create a successful culture for change? 4. a. What is stress and what are the possible so

DISC Profile Assessment: individual dimensions of bahavior

Please respond to the questions below. 1. A brief analysis of your individual dimensions of behavior as outlined in the DISC® profile. 2. A summary of your individual predominate behavioral style. 3. A list of any strengths and weaknesses identified. 4. A brief analysis of why you individually agree or disagree wit

Case Study: Stress and the Salesperson

Any assistance that you could give me is much appreciated. 14.2 Stress and the Salesperson It's all Andrea can think of-the oil, the oil, the oil. That and the president. The president is fighting terrorism. That's good. That threatens Middle East oil. That's bad. The company I work for imports products from China and busi

Discussion Questions

1. How are the wages for an occupation determined? Explain the internal and external factors that influence how wages are set. 2. As an employee, how do you think you can use emotional intelligence in the workplace? 3. What do you think workplace safety would be like without OSHA? Do you think managers and company owners w


There were actually 4 questions and I have already answered the last two, I just need help with the two that I have included. Thank you. ------ ABUSIVE CUSTOMERS CAUSE EMOTIONS TO RUN HIGH Telephone customer-service representatives have a tough time these days. With automated telephone systems that create a labyrinth

Managing stress

What is the role of work life balance in managing stress? What are the responsibilities of management to balance productivity with personal emotional needs? How can productivity and respect for personal and emotional needs be ethically balanced and addressed by an organizations leadership?

Organizational Issues and Trends

A. Address the following concepts FOR DELL, INC and WATSON PHARMACEUTICALS 1) Compare and contrast the perception of organizational power and politics among the team members organization. 2) Compile a list of strategies for managing stress. 3) Evaluate the business and ethical considerat

To eliminate stress, what corrective actions would you take

To eliminate stress, what corrective actions would you take? What are the obstacles usually associated in the development of groups or teams? Do you encounter counterproductive behavior or stress within the group or team? What corrective actions could be used to eliminate these problems?

Substance Use and Abuse in America Today - Drug Testing in the Workplace

Please help me with the following questions based on the text below: What are your thoughts on drug testing in the workplace? Is it necessary? Why? Some might argue that the company has no business policing what employees do on their own time. What do you think? Some might also argue that some drug testing program

Power and Politics - Into the Fray

Read: Into the Fray (attached)-note when and how power and politics play a role in Michael's dilemma. Write an expert opinion, detailing what you think Michael's next steps should be (700-1050 words). Your opinion should address these questions: 1- What dependencies exist? Think not only in terms of Michael's workplace, but als

Conflict and Stress Case Study - "A new sense of time"

Read the Case Problem: "A new sense of time" Then, participate in a discussion based on the following questions: 1. What kind of conflicts and stress was this woman facing? 2. Has she really achieved an effective work-life balance? What suggestions can you make to her for achieving even more balance? 3. How would you h

Individual and Teamwork - Emotional Intelligence (Goleman)

Read the handout on the origins of Emotional Intelligence and view the short video of Goleman that further discusses his concept of emotional intelligence . Also read the article about "Lunch with Goleman". Given what you have read this week in DuBrin's text on perception and individual differences, respond to this forum by dis