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Emotional Intelligence: Related Theories

We have focused on many different topics. Select a topic from this course. How does EI contribute and enhance your understanding of one or two related theories?

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Emotional intelligence

Also known as (EQ), it is a term that is used to describe the ability/skill of a person to recognize and manage their own emotions as well the emotions of others. Emotional intelligence is very relevant in the developing of people's behaviors, managing their styles, attitudes, interpersonal skills and their ability to form lasting relationships with others. By having emotional intelligence one is able to know their capacity as they asses the essential behavioral and character elements that they posses. The inclusion of the non- intellectual aspects of Emotional intelligence in the way people interact, one is able to be aware of the surrounding environment and be able to form relationships that are beneficial to them.

Emotional intelligence embraces two aspects of intelligence: understanding one's self that is inclusive of the goals, responses, behaviors, and intentions in life (Beamish, P.W., Morrison, A., Inkpen, A., & Rosenzweig, P. 2003). The other aspect is the understanding of others and their feelings. Emotional intelligence has five broad domains which include; knowing your emotions, ...

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The solution discusses emotional intelligence and understanding related theories.