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Management Information Systems

Predictive Policing

I need help with the following assignment, any suggestions as to what will have the most imapact will be greatly appreciated: The following resources may be helpful in completing this assignment: Goode, E. (2011, August 15). Sending the police before there's a crime. Retrievable here. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/08/16/

Role of the MIS Department

Task: Research 3 well-known companies. Use your own words to describe what at least 3 different types of employees do in each business. Also discuss what information each of the employees you listed need in his or her job? Could the employee's job be replaced by an information system?

3 Components of a Decision Support System (DSS)

You are a chief information officer (CIO) who is employed by a corporation that generates electricity with three coal burning electric power plants located in various parts of the country. Your company's procurement VP tells you that he is in the process of reviewing 80 proposals from coal suppliers located in various parts of t

Information Systems - Preparing a Report

You work on the IT team at a local college. You are currently on a project that is enhancing the registration system. You have a student intern who is inexperienced and untrained. The intern has only taken one Information Systems course. Your team lead has asked you to prepare a report about the project. - What features d

Management Information Systems

Do you think computer crime is on the rise? If so, why? Identify three different computer crimes that you are aware of. What are some suggestions as to how to track down offenders of these crimes you've identified?

Information Systems.

A small bank is seeking your expertise to help automate its operations. The bank has about 12,000 employees. The bank intends to upgrade its computers and desktop operating systems as well as some business applications. Develop a business case that details the benefits advantages of automating the business. -Would the emp

Information Systems.

Some electronic auction Web sites allow sellers to put almost anything up for auction, even though an auction item may offend some people Can you help me get started on the following questions: - What role do these types of information systems have? - In your opinion, do you believe sellers should be able to post whatever

Inhibitors to the vision of full interconnectivity

1. What might be some of the major inhibitors to the vision of full interconnectivity among everyone on earth? 2. What are your thoughts as to whether or not people and the knowledge they possess are the most important asset in an enterprise? 3. Why might it be that knowledge-based intellectual assets are the only so

Baby Boomers' Retirement

Discuss knowledge and information that might be lost to organizations as baby boomers retire. Do you feel organizations have prepared for this loss of knowledge? How would you describe the organizational readiness for this baby boomer exodus within an organization

Fortune 500 Company Described at the Socialtext Website

Review one of the blogs from a Fortune 500 company described at the Socialtext website (http://www.socialtext.net/bizblogs) and answer the following questions: - What is the purpose of a blog? How is a blog different from an advertisement? - What value may a blog provide to an organization? - Who was the blog writ

Summarizing a system implementation failure

The web is a great source to gain knowledge about system implementation failures/disastrous ones even. Summarize a system and implementation failure that you found on the web.

Least three data sources a company can rely on

What are at least three data sources a company can rely on? Discuss the effectiveness of each data source and suggest how at least one of the data sources might be improved in terms of data quality, data access, data timeliness, and data availability.

Information Technology

Predict how technology will positively impact business over the next ten (10) years. Describe what specific changes or paradigm shifts you expect to see. Within the same 10-year period, discuss the additional challenges and concerns you see arising from the implementation of new technologies.

Addressing Users Developing Computer Applications

What are some of the reasons that business users want to develop computer applications (user application development) rather than rely on only Information Technology (IT) departments to develop applications? Can you think of a fairly common application that users will develop? Do you think this is a good idea for the users to do

Information Systems

1. While storing data, a company need's to ensure its security as well. Data security is one of the most important items in any system. How well secured a company's information is dependent on how much the company is willing to spend on this aspect of its system. For example, the medical lab I work for does not allow sending SSN

Information Systems

What are the two most important contributions of the Internet in the field of telecommunications?

Windows 7 updates and backup plans

Briefly describe the following three types of Windows 7 updates: Important, Recommended, and Optional. Every company needs a backup plan to recover data that has been wiped out by operator error, viruses, or hardware failures. Please define each of these terms: backup, file synchronization, restore point, and recovery dis

Management Information Systems (CPS)

In narrative form, explain some of the features of the BlackBerry and what sets the RIM Blackberry apart from other wireless PDA solutions. Cite all outside sources using APA referencing. In narrative form, explain some of the advantages of RAID (redundant arrays of independent disks). Cite all outside sources using APA refer