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Role of the MIS Department

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Task: Research 3 well-known companies. Use your own words to describe what at least 3 different types of employees do in each business. Also discuss what information each of the employees you listed need in his or her job? Could the employee's job be replaced by an information system?

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1. AT &T
Job 1: Customer Service and Sales

This includes answering the phone and working with customers to resolve issues that are non-technology based including upgrades to phones, additions to plans, information about new plans and new products and services. The CS needs information on normal issues with phones such as how to set up, information on new products and services, how to do credit checks and who to direct calls and misdirected call toward, when to ask for help, how to resolve sales issues. Yes these people could in many cases be replaced by an information system that could provide the same information either through phone messaging or online. AT&T actually has many of these features already in place.

Job 2: Linesman/Repairman

These are the people called when there are issues with lines, outages, telephones and service not working, or when a system needs to be reset after a failure or storm. They work in the field, with tools and in bad conditions at times. They need the information about the problem, available help, what conditions could cause the problem, how many are affected, and the general area of concern. They also need ...

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The role of the MIS department is examined.

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