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Develop a proposal to provide to the leaders of Farm Bank

Read The Farm Bank Case in Chapter 7 of your text (Brown, D. (2010). An Experiential Approach to Organization Development (18th ed., Vol. 8). Upper Saddle, NJ: Prentice Hall). You are to act as an OD practitioner who has been asked to advise Mr. Swain on how to work with the older vice president.

Create a case analysis using the Case Analysis Form on page 212 of your text. You can use this form to fully explain or examine different problems and solutions to the leaders of the Farm Bank. Additionally, make certain that you justify your recommendations to Farm Bank management. To justify your recommendations, you need to explain to the leaders how you used the items on the form to analyze or diagnose the case using the information in the text and the library. You need to develop a proposal or problem-solution essay to provide to the leaders of the Farm Bank.

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1. Problems

A. Macro
1. There was no involvement of departmental heads and branch managers in the development of the MIS

2. There was a lack of communication between the MIS department and users of the MIS system

B. Micro
1. Information was not in a useful form.

2. The departments and branches did not fully trust the MIS.

2. Causes
1. Al Hassler had not involved the divisional heads or branch heads during the development of the MIS.

2. Al Hassler had not determined the user needs before the development of the MIS system.

3. Al Hassler had not communicated with the users about the development of an MIS system and if they would require such a system.

3. Systems affected

4. Structural: The departmental heads and branch heads felt threatened by the new system. They felt that their positions could be undermined.

5. Psychosocial: As the communications with Al Hassler's office was low, the users mistrusted the office and at ...