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Insurance Insurance, a multi million-dollar life insurance firm, has asked you to help troubleshoot the network at its corporate headquarters. The network manager admits that he has not kept very close tabs on the network's growth over the last year, and he thinks this omission has something to do with the congestion problems.

The Marketing Department, which is experiencing the worst network response, has added 40 people in the last six months to make a total of 146 people. At some times during the day, the marketing director has complained of waiting 10 minutes before one small e-mail message can get across the wire.

He shows you to the telecommunications closet that serves the troubled department. Inside, you find a stack of eight expensive new hubs, blinking away.

In 2-3 paragraphs, complete the following:

-Discuss with your classmates your thoughts about why these users might be getting such poor response.
-Provide examples as to why you believe this.
-What recommendations would you make to increase the speed of e-mails.

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The main problem in this scenario is that the network manager has not kept close watch on the network's growth over the last year, which the manager believes is contributing to the congestion issue. The marketing dept. alone added 40 people to bring their head count to 146, and this is where the congestion appears to be the most problematic. The marketing manager opens a closet that has eight expensive new hubs. Why are hubs being used to control a system that serves this many employees? Hubs shouldn't even exist ...

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-Discuss with your classmates your thoughts about why these users might be getting such poor response.
-Provide examples as to why you believe this.
-What recommendations would you make to increase the speed of e-mails.

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You've been hired by a growing organization to perform systems consulting work. The CEO has concerns about systems security and the impact of privacy considerations on the organization's AIS. She is also interested in learning more about new and emerging AIS technologies that the organization should consider. You have been asked to provide a report on these areas. Your report will be used as a basis for planning and developing improvements to the AIS.

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peer-reviewed sources :

HIPPA engagement help. (2003, April). Practical Accountant, 36(4), 10.

Justices: FERPA does not give student right to sue. (2002, Summer). News Media & the Law, 26(3), 34.

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