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Management Information Systems

JavaScript Program

Write a simple JavaScript program that reads two numbers from the user and then displays the product. Run the program again and enter non numeric data. Explain why you see this result. Take a screen shot of the output. With the JavaScript, submit the report that you wrote for your program and the screen shot of the outputâ?"

Algorithm that finds the biggest value in a list of numbers.

How do I design an algorithm to find the largest number in a list of them? Design an algorithm that finds the biggest value in a list of numbers. Your algorithm may compare only two numbers at a time. It must work correctly for a list of any length and containing any numeric value.Then right-click here and save the HTML docum

Systems Evolution Prepared

Prepare and submit in APA 6th Edition format, which includes: Discussion of the evolution of a health care information system, such as order entry results reporting, electronic health record, office-based medical records, or others ? Include the following: o Initial usage o Major changes o Current and possible future u

What techniques can be used to prevent unauthorized access to the company's information system resources? How can successful and unsuccessful attempts to compromise the company's systems controls be detected in a timely manner? What steps can management take to be prepared to effectively respond to security incidents? Justify your answers using appropriate reasoning and examples. Comment on the postings of at least two of your peers.

What techniques can be used to prevent unauthorized access to the company's information system resources? How can successful and unsuccessful attempts to compromise the company's systems controls be detected in a timely manner? What steps can management take to be prepared to effectively respond to security incidents?

Use of Excel to Perform Calculations

Application Use of Excel to Perform Calculations Spreadsheets are extremely useful for performing various types of number crunching. Spreadsheets are also good at graphically presenting data, such as bar charts and pie charts. In this Application, you will enhance a simple spreadsheet that contains sales data for several sa

Advances in Information Technology

What were the advances in information technology that resulted in new ethical issues necessitating the creation of the Children's Internet Protection Act, 2000, and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), 1996?

Team Issues: Rigidity and Level of Boundaries

1. Examine how rigid the boundaries of your team are. 2. Analyze and justify whether the level of rigidity is appropriate for the team's mission. 3. Examine the connections existing between teams and between your team and other teams having dependencies with your team. 4. Analyze and justify how you can strategically

The Worst Data Theft Ever Hannaford and TJX

1. List and describe the security control weaknesses at Hannaford Bros. and TJX Companies. 2. What people, organization, and technology factors contributed to these problems? 3. What was the business impact of the TJX and Hannaford data losses on these companies and consumers? 4. Were the solutions adopted by TJX and Hanna

HSBC's Mortgage Lending Decisions and the Big Melt Down

1. What problem did HSBC face in this case? What people, technology, and organization factors were responsible for the problem? Did HSBC management correctly identify the problem? 2. HSBC had sophisticated information systems and analytical tools for predicting the risk presented by subprime mortgage applicants. Why did HSBC

Information security: Is the employee the biggest threat?

To some, the employee is considered as the biggest threat to information security at a company. 1. Do you agree with this statement? And why? 2. In addition to technical instruments, what management strategies may be adopted in order to prevent employees from compromising information security?

Weaving BI into the Corporate Fabric

1. What issues should a company consider and address in order to achieve a successful deployment of BI projects? 2. Is BI an answer to short-term tactical issues or broad strategic initiatives? 3. Despite the potential benefits of BI, do you foresee any possible adverse consequences of BI deployment and how to address them

Calculating the minimum level of annual savings

Lawrence Hospital is tax exempt. It would like to install a new computer costing $232,000 with a useful life of 8 years. The hospital plans to sell the computer for $20,000 after 5 years. The proper discount rate for the hospital is 9%. Find the minimum annual savings due to this computer to justify its purchase.

Powerpoint Presentation of Technology

In this assignment, take a few minutes to contemplate the world of business as you see it today, especially in light of the technologies that are evolving around us. Think, too, about the future of technology and how it could affect business. Using PowerPoint, create a 3-5 slide presentation that demonstrates how the use of

Connecting Different Company Locations

We have a large regional company with a network that supplies goods to cafeterias, grocery stores, and convenience stores in 3 states. The company has 5 separate locations and office complexes spread over the region and want to connect the five locations. The network infrastructure at the 5 locations have grown up separately and

Cookies are Us: Type of WAN technology should they use?

Cookies are Us runs a series of 100 cookie store across the midwetern United States and Central Canada. At the end of each day, the stores express-mails a diskette or 2 of sales and inventory data to headquarters, which uses the data to ship new inventory and plan marketing campaigns. They have decided to move data over WAN


The "Eight business technology trends to watch" article from McKinsey Quarterly highlights that technology alone is rarely the key to unlocking economic value: companies create real wealth when they combine technology with new ways of doing business. Through our work and research, we have identified eight technology-enabled tren

Analyze change in organizations: three excuses for not doing analysis

Many organizations change so frequently that they are unwilling to invest in the process diagramming and definitions of defined enablers. A plethora of new technologies such as Wikis and Mashups (a method for bring disparate data together for a common view - for example, bring together a street map, a list of real estate for sal

Disadvantages of the Traditional SDLC

While techniques such as JAD, RAD, agile methods, etc. can reduce the disadvantages of the traditional SDLC, there are still many failures in the development of application systems using the traditional SDLC or any other technique. What are some characteristics of software development that contribute to the high failure rate und

Joint Application Development

I do agree with you that JAD has its advantages over the traditional design techniques of the SDLC. I see that the main advantage is the result of the collaboration of both IT professionals and users in designing systems where group sessions play a significant role in facilitating this mission. Do you think that the traditio

How to Maximize Communication Systems within an Organization

When management communicates, he or she is sharing information in an effort to inform, motivate, persuade, or influence employees. The channel of communication has the ability to be formal or informal. Formal communication is information that is organized, managed, planned, secured, and conveyed to those who are relevant to the

Describe several common support services that most companies provide end users.

An end user is an individual or individuals who use or produce information needed. In this case, the end users are the employees of an organization. As end users, we manage and store knowledge within ourselves. With that being said, we are the most vital resource or support service an organization can have. Humans are require