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Writing an IS Plan for NJIT

Write an IS plan for one of the following:

NJIT describes much of its use of IS/IT off this webpage:
And here:

You and your teammates are partners in a consulting company. You've received a request to redesign the business processes for one of the above institutions that lists some of its IT infrastructure and write a new IS Plan for them. A typical IS Plan is detailed on pp 532-533 of the text. Please create an IS Plan based on the organization's existing IS/IT as detailed on their website and any other research you find. You will present your plan in Class 7.

Section 1: Purpose of the Plan: Give a brief description of the overall changes you will implement with this IS Plan and why you propose these changes to the college.
Section 3: Current Systems - What is their current IT infrastructure and how is it used?

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Information System Plan

An information system plan is usually designed by organizations with an aim of providing the organization's system designers with the various benefits which may arise when they opt to rearrange the development schedule of the information system. NJIT is an example of a college institution with various information system or information technologies services listed within its website. Creating a new information system website is considered to be necessary action to be carried out within the organization. Similar to other plans, an information system plan has a various sections to be completed with the major sections to be completed within this document is section one: purpose of the plan and section three: the current systems.

Section One: The Purpose of the Plan:

Overall Changes to Be Implemented

The purpose of the propose information system plan is to propose various changes to the NJIT university with an aim of ensuring several benefits are provided to the various users available within the university institution such as the educators and the students as well.
There are various changes which are going to be implemented within the information system plan of the organization with the major change to be implemented being the NJIT cyber infrastructure. The cyber infrastructure technology is composed of different systems of computing, systems of storing data, people, data repositories as well as advanced instruments, and environments used for the purpose of visualization. All the available elements are linked with networks of a high speed which make it possible to discover and come up with scholarly items which were not previously possible (NJIT cyber infrastructure, n.d).

In addition, High Performance computing is a change to be implemented which will require the use of grid of compute clusters to ensure that this change is implemented. Moreover, the implementation of a wired network for the campus is a change to be implemented.

Reasons of Proposing the Changes to the College:

The implementation of the cyber infrastructure technology (which is a newly emerged technology) to the NJIT College is considered to be an important aspect since cyber infrastructure provides a description of various new research environments whereby various ...

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