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set up the new major database information system

You are the Health Information Manager for Castello Community Hospital and after having submitting a request for proposal (RFP) for a new major database information system and having it approved, you must now consider site preparation. You have expedited the RFP because there have been some technical problems of late with the out- of-date system. Several division managers have expressed interest in having the main system set up in their department. Below are your options. Choose one and support your rationale for placing the main frame in the department.

Option A: Human Resources. 6 employees. Only one small cubicle of space available but the location of the HR Department is the most central location in the hospital.

Option B: The Office of the CEO. There is a large room by the Executive Conference Room that could easily accommodate the system space requirements but there would be no full-time employees (FTE) qualified in the department to monitor the system. However, there is one part time secretary who has had extensive experience in data systems and she has stated that if she could be allowed to work 4 days (rather than the current 3) she would be glad to monitor the system. This area is located at the front of the hospital away from HR, ER, and all business offices of the hospital.

Option C: There is an expansion for the facility and it will be completed in two months. There will be plenty of room in the new area and it is located in a fairly central location to all business areas.

In 100 words or more, choose an option and defend your answer appropriately. Remember, there could be rationale for each option so think 'out of the box' when making your original post.

Use the APA style for all citations.

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I would definitely like to choose the newly developed facility (Option C) for this database due to numerous reasons. First of all, this is a newly built facility and hence, ...

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