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Management Information Systems

Problems with information systems

Some say that since a song is already posted on the Internet it is okay for me to take it without buying it. Do you agree or disagree? What good are patents and what rights do they actually give you? Where do you draw the line between internal computer monitoring and the right to privacy for workers? Is ethics education e

Evaluation and Control

Discuss the below questions on Eastman Kodak Section VIII Analysis of Strategic Factors (SWOT) A. Current Information System Capable 1. Can performance results be pinpointed by area, unit, project or function? 2. Is the information timely? 3. Is the corporation using benchmarking to evaluate its functions and activities?

Website review of

Can you help me get started with this assignment? I need to write a review of a website (, structured as follows (please use these headings): 1. Summary description of its structure and purpose 2. Its overall "look and feel" and apparent target audience 3. What you find useful about this

Case study on social graphs developed from social networks

Discuss social graphs. The discussion has to be in the following format: 1.Problem Statement 2.Challenges and Opportunities 3.Business Solution 4.Lessons Learned 5.Why Do I Care 6.References The essay has to basically deal with the relatively new phenomenon of social networking. Please provide 5 refer

Information Security Example Questions

I would like some guidance and assistance with the following questions. Thank you! Information Security is an expensive and difficult undertaking at best. Where would a CIO draw the line on what is sufficient and what steps should be taken to determine where that line is? Of the several of the types of security threats to

IS Processes and Cost Alignment

What are some of the reasons that organizations adopt a charge back process for IS services? What are some of the ways that IS leaders can ensure that the costs of providing a service such as help desk support are aligned with the service levels wanted by business leaders?

Management Information Systems Written Report

A problem-solving approach to case analysis will be introduced in class. For this approach, you will take a consultant role, and assume that you were hired by an organization to: - Make use of your knowledge of IS management - Provide an objective opinion on one or more problems - Provide realistic options for action for

Corporate Liability...

Argue for OR against the following statement: "Companies should not be held liable for losses sustained in a successful attack made on their AIS by outside sources." You must support your arguments and cite at least four sources.

Comparing and Contrasting Edutech and Accenture

Today I'm going to compare and contrast the services offered by Edutech International and Accenture Technology Consulting, two Information Technology consulting services. Along with showing you their similarities and differences, I will discuss what they have to offer in comparison to what Susan R. Miller, Independent Consultan

Is the digital divide a major issue within the United States or across the globe? If so, what are the solutions and the roles that should be played by IT professionals and their companies?

Is the digital divide a major issue within the United States or across the globe? If so, what are the solutions and the roles that should be played by IT professionals and their companies? These are the questions asked of us for this module. First, it was important for me to get a clear definition of the "Digital Divide". Fr

Request for Proposal (Computer Gaming Technologies)

>> Please see full details for the Case attached as "CaseA Part 2.doc"<< All answers can be short descriptions. Page 3 (towards the bottom) shows the assignment -- prepare a proposal in response to the following Request for Proposal that CGT issues to your consulting firm (which is defined on that page). (All figures are

Operations Management Technology

Describe at least one application of technology and its influences on each of the service industries: Financial services Public and government services Transportation services Health care services Education services Hotel and motel services

Business and Technology: Posts on Discussion Board

Can you help me to get started with this: Technology is an important component of the business environment. In 3-4 paragraphs, describe how technology is changing the competitive business landscape. In your answer, include example(s) of how technology has impacted specific businesses or industries. In your own words, post a

The Sequential Label and Supply Company

Introduction The Sequential Label and Supply Company (often referred to as SLS) is a . national supplier of stock labels as well as a manufacturer of custom labels and distributor of supplies often used in conjunction with labels, such as envelopes, adhesive tape, mailing cartons, and related office supplies. The compa

Database Integrity

Describe how database integrity can be maintained. Relate issues you have faced in working with databases related to integrity.

Biometric Vulnerabilities

I need help getting started on this. Thanks in advance! Please discuss the following biometrics and the vulnerabilities of each: Fingerprints, Voice recognition, Iris/Retinal Scan, and Facial recognition. No introduction or conclusion needed.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Business Process Management

Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Business Process Management Enterprise Rent-A-Car is based in St. Louis, Missouri, and runs approximately 6,900 branch offices around the world. Enterprise routes all of its information system requests through its information systems group housed in the home office. Until recently, Enterprise used an

Counter Espionage using software methods

Given Scenario: You found several e-mail correspondence from the head of their research department to an anonymous hotmail account detailing the sale of technical information pertaining to the remote monitoring product you are developing. You also found evidence of several large cash withdrawal and payment receipts dated seve

Human Resources Information System: Flow Between Systems.

See attached file. ***Please view the power point provided in the attached file and then answer the following questiond: 1- What systems would ONLY feed data to the training and development system? Explain the information that flows between the systems. 2- What systems would ONLY receive data from the training and dev

Business value and IT success interrelated

What is business value? How is business value and IT success interrelated? Briefly summarize an article of an organization that has accomplished this. Provide the reference or the Web URL.

Internal Accounting Systems

You are the manager of an accounting department and would like to hire another managerial accountant to focus on internal accounting. The CEO is not convinced that a managing accountant position is needed. Prepare a 1-2 page memo for the CEO on the following: - Explain the objectives and characteristics of an internal account