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technology systems for decision support

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Assignment 1: Decision Support Paper

1- Choose a topic for current independent research on the technology used for decision support. You may choose from the following topics:

(attention OTA: you just need to choose 1 topic, whichever you like)

Data warehouse technology
Collaboration technology
Portal technology
Internet services
End-user computing tools

2-Write a 2 page paper. Include the following details in your paper:

The current state of the art in the technology being reported on

The vendors of such technology

How data is validated

How technology can be used to facilitate decision methods described in the class

Privacy and confidentiality issues

This is done in apa writting style


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Data Warehouse Technology
A Data Warehouse is a collection of data utilized for an organization and is the foundation of information retrieval for the company. In order to have an efficient system, it is necessary to analyze the databases and create an organized methodology for the data. The amount of data is normally large and excessive. The basic need is to tailor the data into a more comprehensible, condensed version.
The current state of the art trend is to execute document imaging systems throughout organizations so that every organization has their data in the same format for reporting principles with government agencies or with official organizations. The first criteria that is analyzed is scalability, agility, and enterprise readiness (Dijcks, 2009). Scalability is finding out if the organization's infrastructure can service the company. Agility is how the system deal with changes in ...

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