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Mistakes in Software Engineering

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The following table (adapted from McConnell, 1998) shows that mistakes in software engineering can be related to the people, the process, the product and/or the technology.

Mistakes in Software Engineering
People Related Mistakes Process-Related Mistakes Product-Related Mistakes Technology-Related Mistakes
1. Undermined motivation
2. Weak/problem employees
3. Heroics
4. Adding people to a late project
5. Noisy, crowded offices
6. Friction between developers and customers
7. Unrealistic expectations
8. Lack of effective project sponsorship
9. Lack of stakeholder buy-in
10. Lack of user input
11. Politics placed over substance
12. Wishful thinking
13. Overly optimistic schedules
14. Insufficient risk management
15. Insufficient planning
16. Abandonment of planning under pressure
17. Wasted time during the front end
18. Inadequate upstream activities
19. Inadequate design
20. Inadequate quality assurance
21. Insufficient management controls
22. Omitting necessary tasks from estimates
23. Planning to catch up later
24. "Code-like-hell" programming
25. Requirements gold-plating
26. Feature creep
27. Developer gold-plating
28. Push-me, pull-me negotiation
29. Silver-bullet syndrome
30. Overestimated savings from new tools or methods
31. Switching tools in the middle of a project
32. Lack of automated source-code control


Listed above are the mistakes that cause of software problems. Which do you think is a primary cause? Why?


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