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Infrastructure-Centric, Web-Centric, and Call Center Metrics

In this module, we focused on metrics for measuring the success of IT systems including infrastructure-centric metrics, Web-centric metrics, call center metrics, and financial metrics. Another important area of metrics is security metrics, or how well you are doing at stopping viruses from coming in, protecting against identity theft, and the like. Do some research on the Web and develop a list of commonly used metrics in the area of security. Be sure to define each metric.

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Security Metrics:

Security is a term used in almost every field with the IT field being no exception. Security within the IT field is usually put in place to prevent the computer systems or computer networks from attack such as computer viruses or hackers. Security is can be classified as strong or weak depending on the ease that a virus or a hacker can have access to the resources available in the computer system or network.

Several security metrics are put in place to ensure that the level of security which a system has is stronger. The purpose of this paper is to provide a discussion of the several commonly used metrics in the area of security while including their definitions. The security metrics are designed to provide certain functionalities such as vulnerability prevention, information gathering, and vulnerability prevention such as through the use of personal firewalls.

Firewalk is the first example of the commonly used metric in the area of security. Firewalk metric is a security metric which protects the network through the use of a trace ...

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The solution measures success of IT systems, including infrastructure-centric, web-centric and call center metrics.