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    Mental Mindsets

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    Using Starbucks prepare a paper in which you identify and explain how the four steps to change the mental models/mindsets can help in this organization.

    The four steps are: Techno-centric, Customer-centric, Business-centric and Innovative-centric

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    Starbucks is an international company with one goal. Increase market share through dominance. Rarely can a consumer drive one mile without seeing a Starbucks and when seeing the Starbucks the facility is often full. Today's turbulent economy paints a grim picture on businesses. Many businesses are closing their doors daily. How is it that Starbucks is still opening franchises throughout the nation and world? This paper will discuss the Techno-centric, Customer-centric, Business-centric and Innovative-centric to advise how these mental models and mindsets can assist the organization in expanding further.

    Starbucks is the master of the customer centric business model. Starbucks cornered a market and truly has no competition. Others sell coffees at lower prices but do not compare to culture of this product. Starbucks started small and expanded beyond the realms of expectation. By using the customer-centric approach, Starbucks gives its customers what they want and what they want is not just a cup of coffee an experience.

    The Starbucks culture is vast but in relation to technology, the company can expand in this area. With today's technology, there is truly no reason why a customer should wait over five minutes for a cup of coffee. Yes, ...

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