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Information security

To some, the employee is considered as the biggest threat to information security at a company.

1. Do you agree with this statement? And why?

2. In addition to technical instruments, what management strategies may be adopted in order to prevent employees from compromising information security?

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1. Do you agree with this statement? And why?

I agree with this statement because employees through carelessness and lack of training often pose a threat to information security. Such employees can be duped or fall prey to social engineering attacks. Careless employees often let in iPhone worms through their mobile devices. In addition, the employees that are careless often lead to stolen phones and stolen laptops. This is a serious security breach. However, carelessness or innocent employees is not the only reason why employees are the most serious threat to information security.

There are employees that are willing to pass on or leak important information for an illegal payment. Such employees exploit the vulnerabilities to enable hacking and cause data breaches. Employees are known to ...

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