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Have organizations prepared for the baby boomer exodus?

Discuss knowledge and information that might be lost to organizations as baby boomers retire. Do you feel organizations have prepared for this loss of knowledge? How would you describe the organizational readiness for this baby boomer exodus within an organization

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The baby boomers were born during the time period between 1946 to 1964, which makes the baby boomers the workers that are currently in their late 50's to early 60's. There are a few main points involving this. The first point is that when the baby boomers were originally entering into the business field and all related fields, it was a time where growth was just barely starting. The baby boomers then watched as technology and innovation first began to lead the way, so they began a distinct advantage because they had their academics already behind them when entering into the field and could then apply knowledge along the way, as each ...

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This solution discusses the retirement of baby boomers, and the knowledge that will be lost to organizations as baby boomers retire in a mass exodus.