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    Strategic Challenges Facing Human Resources

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    What do you think is the most significant strategic challenge facing HR today, and why? Use examples to substantiate your response.

    The examples provided include the fact that beginning in 2011, about 10,000 people turned 65 on a daily basis. This creates a vast number of experienced employees who are able to retiree. The other challenge HR must deal with is the "Sandwich Generation" that is in a position of caring for both children and older parents. Work/life balance has become paramount in order for the generation to fulfill both personal and professional demands.

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    The most significant strategic challenge facing human resources (HR) today is the workforce. Beginning in January 2011, the "eldest" of the Baby Boomer generation began to reach retirement age, with over 10,000 hitting the big "65" on a daily basis. As the years pass, the volume possible retirees increases and employers are faced with losing experienced workers. For most people with "Boomer" parents, they have at least one, if not several ...

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    This solution addresses two significant strategic challenges facing Human Resources (HR): a high volume of employees who are eligible to retiree and the generation "sandwiched" by raising children of their own and also caring for aging parents. In over 200 words, this solution provides examples of what considerations HR must have in order to navigate a large portion of employees retiring, and also assist with the "Sandwich Generation" that has significant demands in raising families; while caring for parents.