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Major Copyright Issues Faced by the Entertainment Industry

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What are the major copyright issues faced by the entertainment industry, and how has technology impacted these? Discuss risks and benefits for those creating technologies such as Napster and BitTorrent, the development of standards and who creates them, and the role of the legal system in your response.

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The entertainment industry has been battered by the technology available to the world today. Piracy is its prime enemy. Intellectual property rights are being trampled.

The Movie Industry

The advent of digital video disk recorder made it easy to copy an original movie and distributed in the black (sidewalk) market. The quality of digitally copied movie looks like the original. There is no alteration in the quality with DVD media unlike Betamax or VHS duplication (in the 1980s). With this quality, who needs an original copy?

The Motion Pictures Association (MPA) records these loses to the movie industry due to piracy:
- The major U.S motion picture studios lost $6.1 billion in 2005 to ...

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The solution discusses the issues encountered by the entertainment industry. Due to the availability of technology, illegal copying of copyrighted materials are rampant.

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