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    Leadership Skills in Human Resource Management

    The Baby Boomers and the Career Challenges

    "Baby Boomers Seek New Ways to Escape" through the Wall Street Journal database (from June 24, 2003). Use this article to help write a two page memo outlining your recommendations for developing managers who are stuck in their jobs or feel underutilized. Use Microsoft Word to create your memo. You can use a memo template or crea

    The Importance of Staff Assessments

    Describe how assessment of personality, work behaviors, and job performance are related. Explain the key aspects that HR professionals must be aware of in each of these areas. 500 words in length and include an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

    Employee Retention in Small Companies

    Hello, I need help with conducting a research on employee retention and keys to creating lasting employees in a new and small organization. I would like to start with some research information please, with an Introduction, Objective(s), Problem Definition, and Significance of the research. Thanks a lot. Please if you can't ha


    I need assistance with the following: Write a paper that analyzes the role of a manager within the functional areas of business: The functional areas are Human Resources and Leadership. Required elements: No more than 1050 words Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines

    Thoughts on Conflict Resolution

    Summarize your thoughts on the key points of conflict resolution. Being able to successfully describe the benefits and limitations of resolving a conflict is a key element to understanding human resources management. 150-200 words


    In your position as leader of the HR team, the following problem has been referred to you: You have received a grievance from the union citing a disciplinary case that has taken place. Specifically, an employee in the manufacturing department has been suspended without pay for two weeks for excessive lateness. The union all

    Discuss: Leadership Styles and Human Resources Competencies

    1. Bill Gates (Microsoft) is considered to have a transformational leadership style. Why is he described as having this leadership style? 2. What are the most important competencies for Human Resources Development professionals? Why are those the most important?

    Interview Questions About Implementing Change in an Organization

    I had 2 questions here for an interview in one of my human resource development classes where I need to interview an individual that has a job. Please use 1 paragraph in total, in own words and detailed complete sentences (6 sentence minimum for paragraph). 1. What experiences have you had with implementing changes in your or

    Harley Davidson's Strategic Direction and Recommendations

    i) Discuss to what degree you believe Harley Davidson is currently proceeding towards its mission, vision, and values. ii) Identify two or three of HD's most important stakeholders and discuss whether Harley Davidson's current strategic direction is aligned with the needs of the corporation's stakeholders? Please explain your

    Letter to Human Resources

    Please help with the following problem: I need help locating templates in order to apply/ request a raise within my current workplace. This letter will be emailed to the Human Resources Department at my current place of employment. The letter will include reasons I am deserving of a raise, specifically addressing job functi

    Company Reorganization: Future of Human Resources

    This solution thoroughly addresses the following case study questions: Provide an example of a company that has done a total " turnaround". Determine if the turnaround has been effective and improved its profitability. The example utilized is that of a new CEO to Yahoo; whom eliminated the ability for employees to work from

    Keeping people motivated in a tough economic environment

    You were recently appointed as a new manager. You face a number of issues in your new position. Please address each. The previous manager used a transactional leadership approach, which has been relatively ineffective. Evaluate one leadership style and describe which you would take. An experienced executive assistant dis

    Strategic Management of Human Assets - Determining Leadership Style

    - Select a company of your choice and study the company's CEO and determine his/her leadership style. - Explain the type of leadership style the CEO possesses and its effectiveness. - Prepare a consultative memo to the CEO by providing areas for improvement in his/her leadership style, relative to human asset and strategic pla

    Trends In Human Resources

    Examine three trends in HR. Provide probable causes for these trends. Predict how these trends will affect organizations in a single sector of your choosing. Examine the duties and responsibilities of a HR specialist. Determine the contributions that someone in this position makes to an organization. Support your position.

    Leadership Skill Concepts

    I need help with the concept of leadership skills. Please include references and experiences. 1) Define the term and concept of leadership skills. 2) Present and expand upon a minimum of three (3) skills that are necessary for an individual to be an effective leader. Support your assertions and statements with course materi

    Human Resources: Classification Requests

    Prepare a professional writing sample that demonstrates your attributes in communication skills, HR knowledge, problem-solving skills, customer service orientation. The best sample would be a situation where you had to deny a manager/supervisor's request regarding a classification, compensation, selection or labor relations issu

    Strategic HR Presentation

    As the vice president of HR in Apple, you will announce to employees your vision of what must be done and how the organization will implement it. Include the following: a. Determine what changes must be made in organizational structure, vision, and culture to support the change. b. Explain how these changes may affect intern

    Human resources

    I am writing a research paper on establishing a cell phone company in Sweden. This will be the Headquarters. I need help with establishing the advantages of having the Headquarters of the company in Sweden. Why? What cultural barriers would your company face, what leadership barriers, what leadership styles would you use, how wo

    Human Resources under-valued; strategic HR leadership

    Take on the role of an HR practitioner and make the case about why you feel under-valued and the reasons that you are often unable to provide what managers desire. What does it mean to be a strategic HR leader in the 21st century? What issues will such a leader be required to tackle? What skills will he or she need?

    Human resources

    What the future for human resource practice and the factors you believe will have the most influence on the future of HR. Why do you think these are more influential than other issues? What should organizations do to prepare for the future?

    Human Resource Tactical Planning

    Locate a resource that discusses the topic of employee competency or competency-based human resources approaches. Next, using your research skills, locate an article or paper regarding the use of testing in the workplace for both selection and retention. Include your article with your post to share with others. After reading

    Getting the Best Advice in an Unfamiliar Labor Market (4-1)

    Introduction Often in business it is more about asking the right questions than having the right answers. As any human resource director knows, your network of resources is vital for successful analyzing of policy issues and recommending positions to management. Nowhere is this more apparent than in global human resource mana

    International Human Resources Management

    As a union leader, what steps could you take to prevent or at least lessen "social dumping"? Would it be one of your bigger concerns? Dowling, P., Festing, M. and Engle, A. (2009). International human resource management, (5th ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning. And please just let me know what area of pages we u

    Cash Stude: Why Aren't They Listening?. Leadership Theory and Practice

    Read Case 5.2 shown below: 'Why Aren't They Listening?' in Leadership Theory and Practice (Northouse) Answer the four questions at the end of the case study. Provide research from two sources other than our course textbooks that either supports or contradicts your analysis. Your response should be two-three pages in addition

    human resources

    What role does the human resource department play in the hospital? How does the human resource department affect a hosptial's organizational structure and function?