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The Importance of Staff Assessments

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Describe how assessment of personality, work behaviors, and job performance are related. Explain the key aspects that HR professionals must be aware of in each of these areas.

500 words in length and include an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

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The assessment of personality, work behaviors, and job performance, are related, due to the fact that the interrelationship of these factors lead to an overall perspective of a given worker, or group of workers. These assessments are crucial in order for human resources professionals to be able to ascertain what staff members would be most suitable for different positions within the organization. Conducting these assessments and utilizing this data effectively, will lead to a more productive workforce.

An assessment of Personality is related to work behaviors, due to the fact that an individual's personality characteristics, such as an individual's level of tenacity and willpower for example, would help to determine the dedication that an individual has to giving 100% in their work efforts. In addition, an ...

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This solution describes the importance of different types of staff assessments for organizations.