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Managing productivity in work environments

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Work environments are ever changing. With the advent of consistent technological advances, the need for onsite workers has been diminished in many organizations. Flexible work schedules, virtual teams, remote work sites, and the like all impact organizational effectiveness. The concept of alternative working conditions should ideally increase productivity for the organization while improving effectiveness and quality of work for the employees.

1. Locate two credible academic or professional resources external to the organization. The first article should be addressing work life balance programs within organizations and their effectiveness. The second article should address the concept of work life balance as individuals and families. Constructively critique the concepts addressed in these articles as to their effectiveness and potential for improving overall organizational productivity and employee effectiveness. AND
2. Provide an example of successful work life balance for the individual and the organization. This example can be used for further discussion in moving from concept to practical application.
It is important to cite your sources that you use, reference, quote, or paraphrase. Please include a Reference or Work Cited section containing the full properly formatted citation.

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// Work life balance is very important in today's scenario because its imbalance negatively affects both the work and personal life of an individual. In this context, we will select two articles for identifying the work life balance. The first article is "The Role of Work-Life Balance Practices in Order to Improve Organizational Performance" written by Lazar, Osoian, Ratiu, 2010. The article focuses on the effectiveness of work life balance programs within the organizations. The work life balance is about balancing the personal and professional life.//
This article focuses on the practice of work life balance which is nowadays becoming part of the organization program, as it decreases the issue of work life. It also enhances the working of employees effectively. Earlier, the work life balance practice was only about the cooperation with individual employees, but nowadays, the concern has shifted to the contribution of the employees in enhancing the performance of the organizations through practice of work life balance (Lazar, Osoian, Ratiu, 2010). The change in the concept of work-life balance is becoming a rising issue for human resource management. Work life balance means the management of work and non work by the employees. The work life balance does not mean giving equal time to both the work and non wok, but it means having the acceptable and proper level of involvement of ...

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