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Human Resource Management Issues

The primary issue is that people want to be challenged. People want to be challenged, at least initially, in terms of their assignments. They also want to be continuously challenged. If I have great success, I want to keep moving and want more, which is always a good thing. I mean, I'm a free-market person. I'm a dyed-in-the-wool, free-market person, and if employees can deliver results and they can help change the game; I think that is a big achievement for young people. This helps them meet their desires to be challenged in a work environment. There is one more dimension, and that is, in today's workplace young people come out and they want to do meaningful work. It is about creating companies where you eliminate wasted time, and you eliminate things that do not add value so that people really do spend their time doing things that they feel are valued in the market, valued by them personally, and also valued by your shareholders.

Question: Why does senior management often fail to realize the value of human assets versus other organizational assets?

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Managers are focused on organizational goals to effectively report to their department VP of successes, rather than, the failures of the department. Thus, the focus on the human assets is left towards occasionally team building events for sustaining ...

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The human resource management is a vital asset within the business organization towards managing challenges with human assets (value to the organization) and the organization assets. In doing so, the identification to how senior management strives to creating a more balanced approach in managing others within the organization.