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    Impact of Diversity on Organizations

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    What is the general impact of diversity on organizations?

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    Diversity is an issue that is related to people of an organisation. It consists of similarities and dissimilarities of all employees, because they belong from different culture, religions and society. Diversity helps to define the different variations such as race, gender, age, cognitive style, education, ethnic group, background, culture and work style (Baumueller 2007).

    Impacts of Diversity on Organization

    A diversified group of workforce in a firm is beneficial to achieve expected outcomes and to improve the productivity of the firm by understanding the requirements of different environments. A diversified group can solve the problems and issue by using the diverse background and develop more comprehensive views of problems (Ozbilgin 2009). Different genders and ethnic diversity can also help to work in a team through better understanding of needs and perspectives of a multicultural base of customers. Cultural diversity can enhance the learning of new approaches to solving the problems in effective manners and may improve the result performance (Daniels & Macdonald 2005).
    Diversity climate can also ...

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