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Integrating All Generations in a Workplace

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What are a few strategies and/or tactics a manager can use that include, engage and integrate all generations represented in the workplace? What can a manager do to ensure that all generations are active and productive in the workplace? Give a brief explanation.

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Leadership, regardless of the level, must be able to understand the impact they have on employees and the organization as whole. As society continues to evolve and become more diverse, these leaders must understand not only the work culture, but social culture as in regards to his or her employees. Transformational leaders within the organization can have a major impact on employee performance through sound leadership. However, just as transformational leaders can impact the organization, the organizations culture and diversity can have an influence on their role within the organization. Managers must be able to implement strategies to engage and integrate all generations represented in the workplace ...

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The expert integrates all generations in a workplace.

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