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Identifying Specific Generations in the Workplace

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In several paragraphs, identify and discuss the impact of these multigenerational differences on productivity in the workplace and how management can motivate all workers?

Select two specific generations and determine the underlying motivational needs for each generation.

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Employee motivation is a critical component of organizational productivity. When an employee is happy and feels like he or she is an integral part of a team, the employee will produce a higher level of higher quality products or services for the company. As a result, customer satisfaction levels soar and a whole host of other beneficial financial concerns of the company are positively impacted. However, keeping employee motivation at high levels can be the 'holy grail' of management.

One factor involved in employee motivation is the fact that each employee is unique and his or her circumstances dictate what motivates him or her to push harder. Understanding multi generational differences can help to produce motivational strategies that can be custom tailored to suit the needs of the individuals. For example, when a firm fails to recognize these differences, they may install a 'one size fits all' mentality toward rewards or other motivational items for their employees. While these initiatives may work wonderfully for one group of employees, they may fail miserably for others. Because the initiative did not produce positive ...

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