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Article Summary: The Impact of Diversity Promise

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Please summarize the following article which can be found online here: http://libres.uncg.edu/ir/uncg/listing.aspx?id=4147

The Impact of Diversity Promise Fulfillment on Professionals of Color Outcomes in the USA from the journal of Business Ethics (2010) 91:501-518.

Authors: E. Holly Buttner, Kevin B. Lowe, Lenora Billings-Harris

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Buttner, Lowe and Billings-Harris' research found professional employees of color who feel diversity is not being honored are more likely to have less commitment and have less intention to stay with their employer. This is key to note since it is projected that "Americans of color will comprise 38 percent of the population by 2025" (Buttner, Lowe & Billings-Harris, 2010). It is key that organizations use this information to optimize management of the diversity climate in order to maximize the success of the organization.

Buttner, Lowe, and Billings-Harris point out the need to manage the "diversity in the employee workforce, the extent to which diverse input is valued in decision -making and elimination of discrimination and bias" (Buttner, Lowe, & Billings-Harris, 2010). This seems logical, however, an important component is missing: it is important to value the input of all employees, and eliminate discrimination and bias throughout the workplace. Not only do "US professionals of color, including US-born African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and Native Americans" (Buttner, Lowe, & Billings-Harris, 2010) expect this, so does the rest of the workforce.

The article states employee of ...

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This solution summarizes the article,"The Impact of Diversity Promise Fulfillment on Professionals of Color Outcomes in the USA from the journal of Business Ethics (2010) 91:501-518". Includes APA formatted references.

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