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Apple with Tim Cook

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Look at what has transpired within Apple, Inc. over the past couple of years but this time we're going to consider the succession of Tim Cook to the CEO position in the company.

Please address the following items:

i.) Describe Tim Cook's background and how he advanced to the lead position within the company?

ii). Discuss whether you believe he was properly groomed for the position?

iii.) Was Cook the best choice, was there someone else internally that would have made a good choice, or should Apple have considered recruiting for the position externally?

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It is amazing to realize the progression of Apple Inc. over the decades. Steve Jobs was the catalyst to several revolutions in the company's life-cycles, as he stood as a direct if not sole competitor of Bill Gate's juggernaut, Microsoft. Ultimately, Jobs was able to develop a niche for his computing systems and software that over time grew to be synonymous with quality and stability, and a staple in the art world, compared to the popularized Windows systems which began to be associated with constant updates, blue screens, although enough significant applications to essentially monopolize the business application market. Jobs took his company to an entirely new level and took the world by surprise when he introduced a revolutionary new ...

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