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Entrepreneurial Issues

Problems Facing The Wallace Group and Recommendations

Read "The Wallace Group," Case in the attachment and answer the following questions. 1. What is the most important problem facing the Wallace Group? 2. What recommendation(s) would you make to Mr. Wallace, and in what order of priorities? 3. How do you educate a manager to manage an organization as it evolves over t

Acqusition analysis

This assignment requries issuing a report to the board of directors that identifies a synergistic acquistion for Ashland INC.-the company I chose. (ANY COMPANY IN THE CHEMICAL INDUSTRY SHOULD DO). The report should clearly identify the following: 1. The proposed acquisition terms 2. Price 3. financing 4. potential neg

I need help answering some wuestions in GLOBAL STRATEGY and ORGANIZATIONS

I need your HELP answering these questions: How do i explain how I would manage the following organizational functions for my venture and selected country? The country I selected is Mexico aand the venture is a private company offering beef, vegetables, and fruits. My company would supply completely natural beef by not usi

Managerial ethics and behavior

Many managers,vice presidents and CEO'S explain ethical behavior as a function of personal values. The GOLDEN RULE is one of the most frequently cited values. a. Describe the three examples of ethical criteria with supporting examples (cite company or executive decision) b. State one questionable negotiation tactics and ethi

International Business Operations Management

1. Why are international issues now important in operations management? Give an example. 2. What are the ways you would determine the demand of your firm's new convertible roadster?

Lost in Patagonia.

Case attached - Lost in Patagonia. Questions to be answered at end of the case in the attached file. Each answer should be 5-6 lines. Please see attached.

Innovation in Large Organizations

Do entrepreneurials have to leave large organizations to acheive innovation, or can they successfully transform larger companies? Why?

Case- Educating Octavia

Attached case - Educating Octavia. 1. What market research has Octavia done? 2. What else could she be doing in her market research? 3. How well is she using her market research information? 4. Does Octavia's product line make sense? Why/Why not? 5. Does her distribution strategy make sense? Why/Why not? 6. How could sh

Are banks right in not extending credit to small businesses?

Many small business owners may claim that banks will only loan them money when they don't need it. The reason for this may lie in the fact that many small businesses are perceived as high-risk entities; an argument that owners of such companies will fully reject. In a paragraph or two, elaborate on claims like these made by smal


Attached case study on the time merchants. Following questions to be answered , Limit your answers to 4-5 sentences per question. 1. How does their executive summary explain how their service will fundamentally change the way their consumers live? 2. What unique features does Time Merchants offer that will account for thei

Describe the Four Steps in the Risk Management Process

DESCRIBE THE FOUR STEPS IN TYPICAL RISK MANAGEMENT PROCESS: STEP 1-RISK PLANNING: (Risk Management Plan, etc.) STEP 2-RISK ASSESSMENT/IDENTIFICATION/ANALYSIS (RISK IDENTIFICATION: Life-Cycle Cost Analysis, Plan/WBS Plan Decomposition, Schedule Analysis, Lessons Learned Files, Expert Judgemen


Here are a few strategies that successful firms have employed to succeed when expanding internationally: Choose the right partners. Winning companies avoid teaming up with inept and inefficient state enterprises or relying too heavily on in top level connections. Successful companies are searching for partners from entreprene

Best Entity for tax purposes scenario

Joe Faboozi, an entrepreneur, wants to form a corporation with his partner Paul Prince. They want to develop a new fiber multiplexer. Joe is rich. He generates over $50MM/year and he can afford to drive a Porsche to work. He is open to contributing a majority of the capital needed to start the company. He wants to contribut

Two player game, Decision alternatives:

1. Here is the description of a two player game. Player A selects a, b, or c. Player B selects i, ii, or iii. Player B i ii iii a 5 7 2 Player A b 4 8 5 c 6 4 3 Payoffs are to Player A. This is a zero sum game. a.                   Indicate any dominated strategie


1. Outline five (5) specific actions you feel organizations/managers should do to promote corporate entrepreneurship. 2. What are the characteristics of the following structures? Which provides more 'fertile' ground for corporate entrepreneurship? Why? a) Mechanistic b) Organic