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Entrepreneurial Issues

Managerial roles include adapting an organization to its environment, articulating and gaining support for the organization's mission, vision and values, and designing the internal structures of the organization.

Hello I would like assistance with answering the following question. 1. Managerial roles include adapting an organization to its environment, articulating and gaining support for the organization's mission, vision and values, and designing the internal structures of the organization. Is each of these three roles equally im

Turnaround Plan

Discuss why a strategic analysis is so important in a "turnaroun." Please use scholarly journals to support your 250 word response.


1.What obligation does an entrepreneur (owner) have to investors that purchase bonds to finance the business? 2.Describe a situation in which a company would chose to issue bonds. 3.What are the advantages of bond financing. 4.What challenges will this company face regarding bond financing.

Workplace Skills, Recruitment, and Performance Methods

1. What skills will you need to work effectively in a 1. network organization, 2. a learning organization, and 3. a high-involvement organization. Be specific, generating long lists. 1B. What can you do to prepare yourself for these eventualities? BOTH QUESTIONS TOGETHER ANSWERED IN 150 WORDS OR MORE 3. What are the v

Entrepreneur Mistakes

Discuss why the entrepreneur should be willing to admit a mistake. Please use peer-reviewed journals and/or textbooks to support your 200-250 word response. Use APA 5th edition guidelines for in-text citations and the reference list. I need ideas and suggestions. Thank you.

Start-Up Companies

Contrast the reactive reasons with the active reasons and discuss why people start companies. Please use peer-reviewed journals and/or textbook references to provide a 250 word response to the question. Use APA 5th edition guidelines for in-text citations and the reference list.

Compare and contrast five organizational structures

Please help our study group with the following question: 1. Compare and contrast the five organizational structures (simple, functional, divisional, matrix and product-team). Summarize the pros and cons that are associated with each type. Thank you.

Reports on Organizational role issues

Write a report that demonstrates a happening or day-to-day issue as an Administrator or Manager of a business services organization. You report should make reference to at least 3 of the following areas: 1. Managing Performance 2. Managing Business Challenges 3. Managing Operations 4. Managing Finance and Resources 5

Article: "Improving the creativity of organizational work groups"

After reading the handout "Improving the Creativity of Organizational Work Groups" (found in the "Syllabus and Course Handouts" section of the main page), discuss your thoughts on the article in this threaded discussion. Did you agree or disagree with any particular points in the article? Why? Which suggestion(s) did you like be

Competitive Strategy

Scenario; The package delivery industry has become an all out war between the two main competitors; UPS and FedEx. Right now the battle appears to be going in UPS favor. Smaller flashier Fed Ex has been described as a "collection of marketers with trucks and planes" whereas UPS had been described as "industrial engi

Adaptive strategies and definition fram work

In regards to Winn-Dixie what is the company's competitive strategy using each of the methods listed below. Explain your reasoning why you would choose each strategy and why you used this method. Miles and Snow's Adaptive Strategies # Abell's Business Definition Framework

Employment at will

Please discuss on how an employer of a team member responds to its state law (s) relating to employment at will. Include the manner in which they assure that any exceptions to employment at will existing in its state are addressed. The state is Colorado. T

Organizational Innovation

- Is there a relationship between organizational innovation and so-called "out-of-the-box" thinking by the individuals that comprise the organization? Please explain. - Drawing from your own experience, what techniques have been effective in stimulating out-of-the-box thinking? - Assess how effectively a typical IT organ

Federalism, Confederation, Political Ideology and Other Issues

1. Explain the reasons why federalism was chosen instead of either confederation or a unitary system in 1787. 2. How does federalism keep government closer to the people? Is state government necessarily more responsive to the people than the federal government? 3. Distinguish between inherent, implied, and express powers.

Presentation Delivery: Effective Techniques

You are almost ready to deliver a PowerPoint presentation, but before you do, you need to polish and refine your PowerPoint presentation and also solidify your plans for your delivery techniques. You need to ensure that you are comfortable speaking about the slides and also operating the hardware while speaking publicly. You now

Elitism & Power

Select an elite figure from any of Dye's key sectors of power. Utilizing a minimum of three sources, write a paper that addresses the following points: Dye's key sectors of power are: a) industrial (nonfinancial) corporations, b) banking, c)insurance, d) investments, e) mass media, f) law, g) education, h) foundations, i) civi

Project Operations Management

If you were responsible for improving project management in a hotel chain which was experiencing declining revenues and increasing costs. 1) What factors would you consider most important? 2) How would you implement those factors?

Riordan Manufacturing Problem

A. Describe the situation, including the opportunities and challenges. b. Define the problem. c. Describe the desired future state and goals against which to evaluate alternatives. d. Identify two to four potential solutions. At what level in the organization do these solutions address the problem? Do you need to consider o

A business plan for a small business

Chad Frank and Kyle Carson both in their 20's worked for one of the largest package delivery services in the world but their jobs on the package-sorting line were just jobs Chad and Kyle wanted more from their work than their current jobs could offer that what led them to buy a local auto detailing business, Precision Auto Detai

Global Business Strategy

How do host countries' policies and behaviors contribute to global business failures? Any real world examples?

Decision Analysis

Good morning! It's Gilda from Anchorage. I want to recommend that you use the spreadsheet modeling approach to optimize the Melange Fund portfolios. Write me a memo that explains how you chose the funds and percentages that you did. Your memo should also identify the expected annual return and risk for each Melange Fund. Also, I

Pros and Cons of Home Business

I need help with the following question: 1. List at least five or six pros and cons of working at home, including a brief description for each. Please include references. 2. Also, if possible, I also need three articles that discuss working from home. The links for the websites will be sufficient. Thanks.

Catering Consulting Firm

Our project is to create a consulting firm. The consulting is specific to the catering industry. Each team member is responsible for two topics within our consulting firm. The two topics required for consulting are in the financial aspects and commercial contracts. Our consulting firm will help current catering businesses &

Phenomenological Research

I am looking for help in phenomenological research in order to gain a greater understanding of what it is, and how it is used in relation to the hospitality industry. The questions I have are these below: 1. What are the characteristics and methods of phenomenological research? 2. What are the limitations of phenomenolo

Rewrting a business letter using the 3 steps of writing prcess

Using the 3 steps of writing process revise this document in a business letter form. the 3 steps are planning (analyse the situation, gather information, and adapt the audience), writing ( organize the information, compose the message) and copleting the message (revise the message, produce the message and proofread the message

Self control theory - violent crime

Q1. Critique the self control theory (by Gottfredson and Hirschi) from the standpoint of a social organizational theorist. Q2. Compare the perspective of social organization and social process as explanations of violent crime. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each theoretical perspective in explaining violence?