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    Rosotti's Effects on Structure & Performance of IRS

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    How did Rosotti's strategic leadership affect the structure and performance of the IRS?


    My case assignment that I need assistance with is based on two article readings:
    Mitchell, D. J. (2002). Good riddance, IRS commissioner Charles Rossotti.Capitalism Magazine, December 17. Retrieved 5/24/09 from
    Rainey, H. G., and J. Thompson (2006). Leadership and the transformation of a major institution: Charles Rossotti and the Internal Revenue Service.Public Administration Review, 66:4(July/August):596-604. Retrieved 2/28/09 from
    How did Rosotti's strategic leadership affect the structure and performance of the IRS?
    In assisting me with this analysis, please be sure to:

    1. Differentiate facets of organizational structure.

    2. Focus on the relationships between leadership, strategy, structure, and performance.

    3. Structure your reply clearly, and be sure to apply concepts from resources as possible to support your analysis.

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    //While writing this paper, we will discuss how the (Internal Revenue Service) IRS commissioner Charles Rossotti and his strategic leadership affected the structure and performance of IRS. Later on, analysis will be done on the different aspects of the organizational structures and the relationship between leadership, strategy, structure and performance based on the given question.//

    Charles Rossotti is an American entrepreneur and ex- commissioner of internal revenue. He was born in the year 1941. He completed his graduation in economics and further did his M.BA in the year 1964 (HBS Awards for Alumni Achievement 2003 - Charles O. Rossotti HBS MBA 1964, 2003).

    Effect of Rosotti's strategic leadership on the structure and performance of the IRS:

    The IRS employees had to send around 100 million notices to tax payers telling them that they had to pay tax. After the notices were received, the populace started making phone calls or giving notices to the IRS employees regarding their various queries. But, as time passed, it was seen that the method was not working for the reason that it was not possible for the IRS to handle such large number of consumer queries efficiently and some changes had to be done. Rossotti sensed this issue needed to be resolved. So, when he was being recruited for the commissioner job, he made some plans to address those issues.

    The first strategy that he adopted was to reform the organizational structure, as the agency adopted a geography based structure. But Rossotti noticed that this structure was not proving beneficial for the organization and it was in some or the other way hampering the organizational performance and coordination. The structure was not able to face the challenges of the modern era of computer and information technology (Rainey & Thompson, 2006).

    Rossotti was known for his strong background and his knowledge in business and organizational management. For initiating change in the organization, he adopted some leadership plan. The first plan that he and his executive members adopted was to renew the America's tax agency completely (Mitchell, 2002). A new and revised mission statement was included in the plan. This new plan helped the tax payers a lot by helping them in understanding their responsibilities, and Rossotti encouraged the approach of promoting tax responsibilities through rewarding the honest taxpayers instead of forcing people to pay ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1466 words with references.