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Business Management

Case Study: Buxton Hall

The project was completed on time and all involved seemed to be happy. Answer the two questions at the end of the case, supporting your answers with the facts of the case.

Human Safeguards and Security of Information Systems

The case study: Discuss some human safeguards for employees that can ensure the security of information systems. Safeguards include having policies and procedures in place; identifying which employees have access to what "IS" data. It is not only vital to develop such documents, but they must also be followed. If violations

Topic Research

Micro & Macro organizational behavioral: how is it relevant to the issues studied in Organizational Behavior? Please include source, thank you.

RE: Training Needs Assessment

Discuss the types of evidence that you would look for in order to determine whether a needs analysis for training has been improperly conducted. How would you know? Why?

Biblically-Based Employment Policies

I have attempted the following but the quality is short and not good. I need to create a biblically-based employment policy for each of the following: Employee Performance Use of Company Resources Anti-discrimination

Role of Public Official Elected Local City Levels

Your role is as a public official elected at the local city level: 50,000 to 250,000 population. You have a $10 million dollar budget allocated to you by the city manager and can get up to 100% matching federal funds if you meet the federal standards. You have been asked by the mayor to determine how to allocate the budget

Discussion of the Four Functions of Management

The four functions of management are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Are these all-encompassing, or do you think that there are other functions that should be included? Why or why not? Please provide references. Thanks!

Interdependent Variables

I have been reading about the PepsiCo leadership development program and I am trying to find out how cultural intelligence, nonlinear systems thinking, self-awareness, and growth help with the development. I need help with the following questions: - Does the PepsiCo program challenge existing assumptions about what leaders s

Stakeholders and Change

Being flexible in the early stages of a project is easy, yet stakeholders may request changes at impractical times. What are some strategies you may use to proactively manage changes to a project? How may you communicate these strategies to the project team and stakeholders?

Change Control Boards

Navigate to and read the entries related to change control boards. What is the function of this board? What are some strategies or communication styles you could use to present unpopular change requests to the board?

Impact of Religion on Business Values

I need help compiling an explanation of an article: I can't seem to come up with defining the TIB theory (the Integration Box theory) and identifying its goal. I also need to give an explanation of the Ethics, Expression, Experience and Enrichment. What is an example for each of how the manifest

Case Study: Effectively Managing Maternity Leave

The case study scenario: Four out of seven team members became pregnant around the same time, which is a huge challenge for HR because all had to take maternity leave at the same time. With more and more women attaining higher positions that are more crucial to business operations, how can HR manage this effectively? The

Training and Employee Development

Analyze the effectiveness of your organization's training and development process. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the following: Explain the training needs analysis approach that your organization uses to define training needs. Describe the process for capturing needs for individuals, groups, and the wider

Fixed Price Policy

Scott, the salesman for Standard Machine, has just received a call from Joann, the purchasing agent for Occidental Aerospace. Occidental has been one of Standard's largest and most loyal accounts. Following Standard's fixed price policy, Scott submitted his bid at list price, $429K. Now Joann has called to inform Scott that his

Ben's Dilemma: Perceptions, Self-Concept & Self-Esteem

Case Study 2: Ben's Dilemma There are four discussion questions addressed on a scenario in which a student, Ben, is compared to his older brother and begins to act out in school. The solution discusses how others perceive an individual, perhaps unfairly based on what they know of an older sibling, and how doing so can negativel

Qualitative and Quantitative Data Collection Methods

Sample question: Compare and contrast the benefits of using qualitative and quantitative data collection methods as they apply to organizational development (OD), and describe the advantages and disadvantages of the various methods of data collection.

Environmental Sustainability

Discuss the concept of environmental sustainability. Discuss the challenges to sustainability faced by developed, emerging, and survival economies. Do you think the "green" movement is a fad, or is it here to stay?

Evaluating Arguments

Modus Ponens The principle that whenever a conditional statement and its antecedent are given to be true its consequent may be validly inferred, as in: "if it's Tuesday this must be Belgium and it's Tuesday so this must be Belgium" Modus Tollens The principle that whenever a conditional statement and the negation of its co

Employees' Misuse of Work Time

You are the leader of an organization and it has been brought to your attention that some of your employees have been socializing excessively and making personal calls. How would you address the employees' misuse of work time without revealing the employees who brought this matter to your attention, and without causing conflict?

Analysis of Business Models

As a consultant, you are being asked for your views on whether the text model or your choice model is more business friendly? List the strengths and the weaknesses of each model. What are some of the risks associated with each approach?

Ergonomics and Job Design

Isolate a definition for ergonomics. How does ergonomics play into job design? Give specific examples and support your work.

Career Analysis

Section 1 - Your career dreams and your personal definition of career What are your career dreams? What do you hope to achieve in your life, both personally and professionally? What does career mean to you? Write down and explain your own personal definition and compare this with the many different definitions at PPT number

Business Analysis for Mattel Case Study

I need some help with this difficult case study and put this question "What should Mattel do" together. Case study attached. Thanks for all your assistance and I appreciate it. Case Analysis of "Mattel: Crisis Management or Management Crisis" Please read the Case Study titled "Mattel: Crisis Management or Management Crisi

Matching Employees to Jobs

When hiring a new individual, what techniques do you use to match the individual to the right job, and why are these techniques helpful? Once hired, what situational leadership style do you use to work with the individual? Why is this leadership style recommended?

Recommendation of a Simulation Email

Please help me formulate a reply to the letter below: Dear Khalid, Thank you for your email. You really excelled with this simulation and I very much hope it will be great experience for the future. If you are able to write a letter, that would be great. They need to be individual. You are free you write your thoughts

Choosing a Message and Medium of Promotion

NTP, Inc. is coming out with a new type of computerized refrigerator with a flat panel display that accesses the internet for recipes, nutrition information, etc. They have hired you as a consultant to advise them on what their next steps should be. Explain the advice you would give them regarding which group (innovators, earl

Pay Gaps

Consider the following article: When does the pay gap for women start and does age group make a difference on the size of the pay gap?