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Business Management

Swiss Cheese Model

"Swiss cheese model" of accident causation by James Reason described in the text book or access the article online . Reflect on the "Swiss cheese model" and evaluate the role of risk management in preventing accidents. Explain the implications of accidents on organizational performance.

Applying OM Techniques

Find in your organization an aspect of the operational process that could benefit from use of one or more of the following techniques: business/predictive analytics, dashboards, decision support systems, or supply chain management. -What is the problem, opportunity, or challenge to be addressed? -What technique(s) would be a

Planning trip presentation

I need help with the following PPT example project. You work for a travel agency and you are planning a presentation for potential travelers. You must create a PowerPoint presentation for a group trip you are planning. Provide a presentation for people about a country, state, or city of your choice. You will need to do a litt

Tyco Case Study

Summarize the overall viewpoint of the author of "Case 20: Tyco: I'm Sure That It's a Really Nice Shower Curtain" and the major issues presented in the case. 1. What do you think Kozlowski's motivation for trying to avoid sales taxes on his art purchases was? Explain. 2. Explain the concept of commingling assets with respect

Capacity - Cycle Time and Throughput

Mortgages Unlimited Consider a local mortgage processing firm. They follow the process flow below. They work 8 hours per day. (Note that there are no buffers and no variability.) (see attachment for image) a) Find the average daily capacity of the workstations listed below. Assume one employee per workstation.

Queuing Questions

You have recently become the manager of the Patriot Airlines check in counter. Because Patriot Airlines has flights that leave frequently all day, customers arrive randomly (i.e., exponentially distributed) at the counter at the average rate of 3 per minute. There is only one employee at a time to staff the counter. Assume the e

Southwest Airlines: turnaround time

Southwest keeps gate time of its planes at a minimum in order to maximize the flying time, hence capacity utilization of its planes. They want to achieve a turnaround time of 20 minutes on average with a maximum of 25 minutes and a minimum of 15 minutes (Although faster would be fine with them, the FAA and passengers might think

Behavioural-Based Interviews

General Electric uses behavior interviews.The thought process behind this is that past behavior is a predictor of future behaviour. Based on the list of behavioural based questions that are listed on the following link, do you think there are any weaknesses to this type of interview?

Quality Program Planning

Develop a plan for implementing a quality program at Excellent. This program would begin by focusing on the product quality and manufacturing and eventually include some form of total quality for the whole company. Tell me what your plan would look like for developing a quality program and Quality Department. What are the

Strategically focusing on optimizing aspects of operations

Hello I need help responding to the following: Strategically focusing on optimizing aspects of operations, and identifying and discuss three major strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for organizational performance improvement by Acer in today's global economy. And then explaining how this approach may be employe

Public Policy - Advocacy Claims

1. What methods of advocative claims affect a public policy recommendation? 2. Which type of claim is more common in local government? Explain using examples.

Types of Interviews: Structured, Situational, Behavioral

Employee Selection" Please respond to the following: -Compare and contrast the structured interview, situational interview, and behavioral interview. Determine which type of interview would be more beneficial when interviewing applicants. Support your selection. -In the selection of the candidate, determine if the manager sh

Professional Business Development

Your supervisor has asked you to prepare a 5-year career plan that begins after you have earned your College Degree. She has explained that your plan should be prepared regardless of whether you plan to stay with your current organization/business. To accomplish this you will need to use the library and the internet to identify

Different Methods for Forecasting Sales

Monthly sales for National Mixer, Inc. for a seven-month period were as follows: Month (T) - Sales (1000 UNITS) Feb - 19 Mar - 18 Apr - 15 May - 20 Jun - 18 Jul - 22 Aug - 20 Forecast the sales volume for September using each of the following method: a) 5-month moving average; b) Weighted average, where the wei

Coaching Model and Managers

1. Select an industry in which you are interested, such as administration. Develop a coaching model that would optimize performance management activities for a company in this industry. 2. Evaluate the seven elements of a coaching framework and select the element you believe to have the greatest impact. Support your selection.

Standards of Living In The U.S. And India

How does the standard of living differ for the average American versus for the average person living in India? Choose two factors that can improve the quality of life for the people living in India.

Optimization with Excel Solver

I need help with the excel solver for this minimization problem. Please take a look at it and let me know if you can help me with the solver. I have included the objective and the constraints.

Operations Management with Retailers

See attached Please show all work and place answer in the answer portion provided at the end of the question. Do not just write the answer in the answer sheet, all work has to be shown.You must use the z-Table provided in this document. All calculations are assumed to be based on this table. When doing the problems, round YO


The world is constantly changing. How does the standard of living differ for the average American versus for the average person living in India? Choose two factors that can improve the quality of life for the people living in India. Conduct outside research to support your answer.

Managing projects in different locations

What are the differences and similarities among managing an international project, an offshore project, and a domestic project? Does your organization manage international or domestic projects? Are all managed in the same way, or in a different way, and why?

Noise and Listening

How does multitasking deal with the concept of noise? Describe a scenario where multitasking results in negative efficiency and another scenario where multitasking results in positive efficiency. Of all the factors that play a role in the process, which is the most important and why? Describe three different barrie

McNeil Museum of Art

Read McNeil Museum of Art Case Study 1. What is the McNeil Museum of Art, and what is its image in the community? 2. What are the possible sources for strategic change for the McNeil Museum of Art? 3. How would you describe the overall performance of the McNeil Museum of Art? 4. What can be done to improve the auxiliary ac

Process Design and Capacity Planning

7.5 Meile Machine Shop, Inc., has a 1-year contract for the production of 200,000 gear housings for a new off-road vehicle. Owner Larry Meile hopes the contract will be extended and the volume increased next year. Meile has developed costs for three alternatives. They are general-purpose equipment (GPE), flexible manufacturing s

Private Healthcare Organization Employee Benefits

San Antonio Endovascular and Heart Institute began its original operations without offering any form of employee benefits. As time passed and the necessary resources were made available, a modest offering was put in place and funded by the company. Please explain the entire process of implementing an employee benefits plan from

Needs of assessment process: details

Name and discuss each of the three stages of the needs assessment process, detailing their timing or sequence, their purpose, and the nature of the activities involved.

Superior Supermarkets

Please read the case study "Superior Supermarkets, Everyday Low Pricing" 1. Describe Superior Supermarket's competitive interaction in Centralia. 2. What pricing considerations should be considered by Superior Supermarket? 3. How might Everyday Low Pricing (EDLP) affect Superior Supermarket's competitive situation in