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    Analysis of a recent labor dispute

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    Analysis of a recent labor dispute as reported in an article from a recent issue of a newspaper or business periodical. Does the report favor management or labor? Does the ownership of the periodical used influence the scope, language, and conclusions reached? Short (about one page) reply to all above questions, that I can use as a jump off point to build into a 4 - 5 pg reply.

    I am attaching the article I chose in two different formats so hopefully you are able to open one.

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    A very good online article on the subject of biased writing in newspapers is this one:


    One thing that might help to answer the first question is to note the descriptive nouns and verbs in the piece.

    You can take note that when the article writer refers to what the management says or does, it uses these descriptive terms:

    Hostess agreed to enter mediation with its lenders and striking union leaders. They were URGED to do this by the Bankruptcy Judge who WANTED TO AVERT a more EXPENSIVE public hearing and the LOSS of 18000 JOBS. The implication here is that Hostess would rather for those unpopular things to happen, and he judge is the advocate for saving money and jobs.

    Hostess was SEEKING to liquidate its business, claiming that it was crippled by a bakers strike, and this was the only way to PRESERVE ITS DWINDLING CASH. This implies that Hostess is primarily motivated to keep its money.

    When the ...

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    An analysis of a recent labor disputes.