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Receiving and Delivering Feedback

Question: Detail three key tips that you would share with a new manager on how to most effectively provide feedback. Then, provide three tips you might share with a new subordinate on how to receive and deliver feedback. Provide a rationale for the selection of each tip.

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How to Effectively Provide Feedback

To help a new manager provide feedback effectively, I would suggest the following:

• Be upfront and honest in your feedback: Some suggest a sandwich approach to feedback, or a softening of negative feedback by adding a positive. Unfortunately, too often employees hear just the praise. It is better to be straightforward. Don't bury negative feedback in with positive items. Instead, directly state the feedback in an emotionless manner, aimed at getting behavior to change.
• Consider the situation before giving feedback: The New York Times (April 5, 2013) points out that workers that consider ...

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This solution discuses key tips to share with a new manager of how to effectively provide feedback, and tips for a subordinate of how to receive and deliver feedback.Includes APA formatted references.