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Business Law


what are the remedies for an EEOC violation intellectual property. What is a patent? How long does it last? What is a copyright? How long does it last? Title VII prohibits two major forms of employment discrimination: disparate-treatment discrimination and disparate-impact discrimination. Can you identify what e

Business Law: FMLA

FMLA was enacted in 1993 to guarantee workers unpaid time off from work for medical emergencies and other situations. What companies does this act apply to? How does an employee qualify for leave under the act? What are the situations for which leave is granted? Microsoft Corporation is the world's largest provider of co

Secured Transaction, Personal Liability, and Other Topics

1. In secured transactions-type legislation, such as a Conditional Sale Act, the Bills of Sale Act, the Personal Property Security Act, etc., what is the purpose of a registration? 2. Indicate three examples where a director can be personally liable for the debts of the corporation. 3. How can a corporation be brought to

Contract types

1. What are example of the types of goods and/or services that you would acquire under these three type of contract. 1) Fixed Price 2) Cost Reimbursable 3) Other, such as Time and Materials, Labor Hour, Letter Contract 2. What are some of problems associated with selecting the wrong contract type?

Discrimination in the Genetic Age

See the attached file. THINKING ABOUT DISCRIMINATION IN THE GENETIC AGE Paul Steven Miller27 The information age has taken hold, and the genetic revolution is in full swing. With apologies to Aldous Huxley, we stand at the precipice of a brave new world. ...History has taught us that the wonders of science hold unique po


"The purpose of contract law is to give effect to the reasonable expectations of the parties to a contract." Discuss this observation in terms of the five elements that are required for the creation of a legally binding contract.

Employment and Labor Law: Example Problem

Discrimination: Amanda is a 40-year-old Asian female. She has been with a law firm for 5 years as a receptionist. The company has 120 employees. Recently, Amanda has been missing work because she has been taking care of her mother who has Stage V cancer. Amanda will usually call out of work at the last minute as she never kno

Employment and Labor Law: Disparate treatment or disparate impact.

Discrimination In today's workplace, it is less common to find overt or blatant examples of racism or sexism than it was 50 years ago. However, discrimination cases continue to be filed, and often these complaints contain the phrases disparate treatment or disparate impact. Discuss the following: * What is the diffe

The state laws protecting whistleblowers vary enormously,

According to "Montana: Wrongful Discharge from Employment Act." The state laws protecting whistleblowers vary enormously, but none of them protect whistleblowers who turn to the media first. Discuss why you think this is so? Explain why it either encourages or discourages ethical behavior.

Case Analysis

Use the FIRAC format for each case analysis. TIP: just use the information from the court case and summarize the higher court's decision using the 5 steps, nothing else. There is no need to do any research. COUGHLIN v TAILHOOK 112 F.3d 1052 (1997) United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit Appeals from the United

Service Industry: Job Costing

Keating & Associates is a law firm specializing in labor relations and employee-related work. It employs 25 professionals (5 partners and 20 associates) who work directly with its clients. The average budgeted total compensation per professional for 2008 is $104,000. Each professional is budgeted to have 1,600 billable hours

Case Analyses: Alarm System, Explosion, Mustang, Oscar's Drug Store

Please provide your feedback to the case analyse below by using IRAC format. ALARM SYSTEM: Joe buys a $25,000 computer system for his office. He then hires an alarm company to install a security system, after advising the alarm company about the expensive computer system. A week later the security system is installed.

Incorporation An Effective Idea

Elaine and Roy are registered nurses. They want to start a home health agency, taking referrals from physicians and providing health care to homebound patients. They plan to be in business for 10 years. Identify the reasons why incorporation is an effective idea for their business, the steps they must take to incorporate thei

Monetary Damanges and Remedies for Breach of Contract

What are the monetary damages available for breach of contract? What sort of remedies are available for breach of contract? Contractual capacity. The law generally presumes that people have the capacity to enter into contracts. However, certain classes of people do not have the legal capacity to contract. Who are they,

Tenancy by the Entirety and E-Contracts

When is a tenancy by the entirety appropriate, and how does it differ from the other two forms of ownership? UCC has been revised to keep up with the many changes in business due to the use and popularity of the computers and the internet to conduct business. Let's discuss some of the new provisions for electronic contracts

Business Law: An Alternative the Best Completes the Statement

Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question and explain why in one to two sentences. 1. Which of the following best describes the role of the lawyer? The client makes decisions regarding civil matters; the lawyer makes decisions regarding criminal matters. a. The lawyer is simpl

General Business Law

1. CELL PHONES - A restaurant owner has implemented a new policy prohibiting the use of cell phones in the restaurant by employees or customers. Is that constitutional? 2. WINE - Michigan prohibited direct shipment by out-of-state wineries while New York nominally permitted it for out-of-state wineries that maintai

Employment and Labor Law: Develop a questionnaire for interviewing applicants

As the human resources manager, you want to ensure that your company's hiring practices follow all applicable laws and preserve the rights of employment candidates. Develop a questionnaire that managers at your company will use when they are interviewing applicants. This document must contain the following: * The name

Citigroup: subprime loan mortgage

As the CEO or top executive of Citigroup, how would you have handled the situation differently (subprime loan mortgage)? Explain your answer.

Mentoring and Coaching

Please help in getting started writing a paper about mentoring and/or coaching. It should include the following: A detailed explanation of how mentoring and/or coaching influences the success of an employee. An analysis of the importance of training and development on both workplace performance and work-life balance. Needed

Let's try a quick hypo

Let's try a quick hypo. A man ("A") sees his enemy ("B") while he is walking down the street. They are walking in opposite directions, and are about to cross paths. As B approaches, A pulls out his gun and aims it at B, intending to only scare him. The gun accidentally discharges and hits B in the arm. Putting aside possibl

Identify tort actions, plaintiffs/defendants, elements of the torts

o What tort actions do you see o The identity of potential plaintiffs o The identity of potential defendants and why you see each one as a defendant o The elements of the tort claim that constitute the plaintiffâ??s claim o Any defenses you think defendants might assert o How you think the claim will be resolved, stating l

Role of Culture: Negotiating a Contract in a Country

Imagine that you must negotiate a contract with an organisation that is in a country other than your own. Choose any country other than your native country and then answer the following questions: * Identify the country. List the main aspects of this country's culture, as you perceive it today. * What assumptions do

What are some employment laws that you are aware of that impact the workplace?

What are some employment laws that you are aware of that impact the workplace? Choose two laws and elaborate on your relevant insights (from the Internet search, as well as from your personal experience, if applicable). Be sure to use citations as appropriate in the body of your post, and include the full reference listing(s) at